My first Footy build...

Hi all! Started looking on rc sailboats when I was younger… but went nitro rc boat instead… it was fun for a while. Got older… read about Footys in a magazine and thought I would give a try. Surfed the web awful lot and found this forum. Sneeked around looking, reading also looking quite a bit at the footy site, checked plans etc.

So during this summer I finally had the time and thoughts about how I would wonna build it. Said and done… here you have the result. Will need a better sail fabric, the one on the pictures sort of works but it mostly just to test the boat and rig. Will have do to some tests with stronger wind thou… enjoy… and yes its my first boat… mostly just tried the materals and stuff out. Have built with balsa before. Will go for a more serious build (building a winner) during x-mas holiday maybe…

EDIT: Some info about the boat!
Weight: ~380grams (up and running)
Length: ~300mm
From bottom: ~170mm
mast: ~500


Hi Rickeboy,

Great boat.
380g is a great effort.
What is your ballast weight?

Peter & Clare


Well if I remember it correctly and from what I can tell from the weight pictures I think the ballast is around 200gram…

As for being my first Footy I am happy with it :slight_smile: Its nice… its alot that could be done better.

BTW Peter & Clare I have enjoyed following your builds… :slight_smile:




Angus: Tack! hehe… fårse om jag registrerar nästa båt istället…