my 1st Footy hull

While waiting for the foreign ledgers to post this month-end, I came across the “Flatfoot” plan by Ian Hull-Brown. Looking around for materails to use, I found a short stack of FedEx Sturdy Pak envelopes. A quick run to the car for my metric tape and I was in business. About 45 minutes later I had my first Footy Hull - ‘Extremely Urgent’. I used a classic cut and tape method in the construction, the hull joints are all held closed using short tabs of 3M Scotch Magic tape. A single envelope side was used for the hull except the transom was an additional cut-out. I put an album on the Yahoo Footy Group, let’s see if I can figure out pictures here–got it. We’ll see where she goes from here!
Tim Bosma

I’m thinking of building an equipment platform that I can just drop into any hull I might make. A 3/32" basswood platform with cutouts for the 2 servos, receiver space, and battery pack that would set between 2 bulkheads and have a standard hookup for the tiller and sheet. Does anybody do that? or is ech hull custom fit?

Hi Tim, nice one mate! ~ one of the original ways of building models from brown paper and then making them waterproof.

I can see where the inspiration came from! ~ It had been sitting infront of you for some time as a subliminal message on your desk.

The (paw) Footy print pot on the desk!! ~ now how scarey is that???

Welcome to Footydom ~ however I have to give you a word of warning ~ its addictive I’ve been at it since Nov 07 and now have a fleet of 15 hulls ~ not all complete its fair to say ~ but what FUN

Get to know a local club if you have’nt already and go sail the wind ~ just rember it about having FUN

Please enjoy ~ its very theraputic
Best wishes

sorry did’nt read the other bit about your servos
yes this is a common practice ~ make a deck hatch - mount servos thro it put rx between in a baloon for safety and zip tye neck fix battery pack to base of servos with velcro and then use electricians tape to secure to deck.
switch optional

I registered her in the USA and got number Twenty-Four Seven. Best number possible for a FedEx boat!!


Luck of the draw.

Let’s hope she doesn’t stop for a delivery every 100 scale feet or so. Oh, well, waterproofing the hull is next, then the appendages - painted Orange, of course. I think I’ll go to the fishing store on lunch today.

I thought you’d paint it brown.

ducks :scared:

Hi there Tim.
Glad to see you are making use of my plan for “Flatfoot”
I think the the use of the “Extremely Urgent” name is indeed a stroke of genius. :graduate: :lol:

Just a small tip, try to keep the beam as wide as possible in the forward third of the hull.
It helps to counteract the nose diving tendencies inherent in FOOTY`s.
Best wishes and continue to keep us all informed on your progress.
Ian. :zbeer:

Thanks, Ian.
I used to be a genius, but I failed my exams.
You gave me the part I was wondering about, namely, where to put in thwarts to hold the hull shape for the epoxy coating. 2 now added using the mostly cut up FedEx Envelope. She’s 5" (oops, sorry, i was peaking 'merican), I mean 127mm at the forward thwart and 135mm at the center thwart (pic 1). EU should fit in the box. (no political pun intended). Next I have to figure out she floats on her lines. I’m not sure I like the ‘inverse’ rake of the bow (pic 2), but that may be ‘developed’ out in my next try.

I have now started coating the cardboard hull with Spar Varnish to seal it up and keep the graphics intact. The first coat seemed to soak in and discolor, turning the white parts sort of gray, but after drying it looks better. Next is a float test, then appendages.

I did my float test last night. Pictures are pretty dark, but I loaded a 4AA batt pack, receiver and 2 servos in, then took the shot. This also showed me where the clear-coat hadn’t quite sealed it all up. Oh, well, after short period drying out, more coats, both inside and out this time.


I sail an ANT designed by Roger Stollery in the UK. As with his BUG design and AWK there is a self build battery/servos package which can be moved from one boat to another and allows you to play about with servos of different weights. Have a look at the BUG plans - if you don’t have them I will send you a .pdf of the electronics cassette to your email address - email me at

There is quite a bit of discussion about servo weights. The “standard” servo, say the Futaba S3003 weighs around 33 grammes, a mini servo of the sort that is used in aircraft weighs around 9 grammes. Looks like quite a weight saving. Roger sails brilliantly on minis but I am a bit more cautious, worried that minis might not be man enough for the job in a blow.

Any how welcome to the fray

Since my budget does not keep up with my dreams (whose does?), I found a HiTech Ranger II-N 2-channel radio, RX, and servos on e-bay for about $30 US. It is on CH80, 75Mhz, I figured it was a good starter set. The servos are HS-311’s, I’ll see how they work out. I am interested in the electronics cassette, e-mail sent, Thanks!

Built the rudder and keel foil tonight. In keeping with my budget I used a spare paint stir from Home Depot for the keel foil. The picture is of the rudder halves before and after gluing.

Ok, so I have been off sailing 1:1 boats for a bit. The appendages are nearly complete, pics will follow as soon as I recharge my camera. I have found the appropriate sail material by requisitioning several FedEx LargePak Tyvek mailers from Kinkos. Has anyone used Tyvek for sails? Will a single panel work for the UNA rig that Andy T has published?

Had a few nights in the boat shop and now EU has appendages and a new stand. Tanks tests with equipment shows she floating on the lines, but taking on water!! More sealing to do, then decking. Rig is built, so we’re getting closer to a test sail!

deck is on and hull no longer leaks!

Rig is in! now for some electronics, never done that before!