MY #169 SeaWind Feature issue of Model Yachting magazine - Question?

I have been supplying a free copy of MY #169, the latest SeaWind feature issue of MY, with each new member registration from a stock given to me by AMYA to support the Class. That stock is coming to an end but I have an opportunity to buy more bulk stock at a discount rate from Michelle who runs the Ship’s Store business.
I would like to hear from members, especially new members who received a copy, whether receiving this issue is perceived to be good value? If so do you feel it would be reasonable to ask new members to pay an extra cost for a copy of the magazine if they want one. Buying a copy direct from Michelle would cost $7.50. If I charged $4-5.00 for a copy the SCOA would be kept whole.
You can either post replies here or email me direct at
I look forward to your input.
Secretary, SeaWind COA

I found it VERY informative and useful!

Thank you very much,

Found it to be Very good on information. a lot of what is in the Issue is find-able online, but a all in one place source is great to have.