Mutlihull Recovery Vessel

What should be the features for a mutlihull recovery vessel???

Lame forum naa[:-banghead]

  1. A lifting arm that grips the mast, lifts and rotates it to the vertical axis.

  2. Closed circuit tv to view the gripper while it works underwater, the mutlihull is upside down[:-snorkel]

  3. Stabilizers such as automatic internal ballast tanks.[:-crazy]

  4. Positioning propulsion units.[:-propeller]

Any more ideas[:-bulb]


I think I have got the answer, thanks to IanHB
Us kiwi’s are on to it!!!
Download Attachment: [ IanHB Recovery Vessel.jpg]( Recovery Vessel.jpg)

Complete with underwater gripper, poistioning propulision unit,remote viewing technology.

Ian I hope you don’t mind that I used your photo

Or the cheapskate version, a pair of swim-shorts/trunks…

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

[:-crazy]No worries John, I have now built a smaller rig to allow me to sail the <font color=“orange”><font size=“2”>TRI</font id=“size2”></font id=“orange”> in Wellingtons normal breezes.[:-propeller]
Hope to get together with you after your move to <font color=“navy”><font size=“2”>HAWKES BAY</font id=“size2”></font id=“navy”>

Do it NOW before it`s too late.