Multihull Discussion Forum

At the request of a few in the past, a revisit of a forum set up and tested a while back, perhaps it is time to offer the use of the discussion forum for those who are interested and want to engage in multihull only discussions. You will notice the board was established quite some time ago - and just wasn’t promoted because of this forum site.

At the risk of losing those new to - or interested in - multihulls due to some of the past exchanges on this board, I would invite anyone interested to register and begin making use of the “Multihull Board” at the following location.

I can assure you it will allow less attack freedom and less site vandalism than found here. It will be moderated, and while fun, jokes, and good humor jabs are allowed, it will not degenerate into what has been witnessed here - several times!

The site is located at:

There is no cost, it is open for free viewing, but registration to post will be required.

There are several general topic areas and two specific topic areas reserved. A “FOILERS” section and a “FOR SALE” section for personal and commercial sales. While focused on multihulls, the discussion of related monohull topics is welcome and encouraged. Other than one or two more hulls, and no lead keels, multihull sails, rigs, building ideas, radio layouts all are similar.

<font color=“green”>A special note to Doug - regardless of your past actions on WindPower and this site, you still have a personal invitation to participate on the board, but be sure to read what you agree to when you register (if you do) and you are welcome to add your views, ideas, and opinions provided the general topic remains under the proper area.</font id=“green”> Those who post will not have freedom to “shotgun” topic posts all over the board. This should provide some continuity for topics, rather than having to jump to several forum topics to get the entire picture.

And also - in general to any thinking of participating - as noted the Board will be moderated, and the board “team” reserves the right to modify, delete, or remove ANY post that is found objectionable. First time is a posted warning directly in the topic - second time is deleted post and third time - the offending person(s) will be banned by IP address - of which the board is capable of doing.

Please note however, that at the current time, the board has no provision for attachments - either as files or photos, unless they are located and available by “http - URL address”

Questions regarding the multihull forum can be directed to:

Thank you for the invitation, Dick. It’s too bad about all the ads on the forum you are again starting up; seems like quite a distraction…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Problem with anything “FREE” - it always has “conditions” associated with no fee. It can be made “Ad Free” - and if there is enough participation to warrant it, I may consider offering some space for sponsors of the site. Down the way - not right now.

There are some software products available that allow anti pop-up viewing. In my visits during set up and testing, I haven’t noticed too much distraction, but will keep a watch and see - to make sure it doesn’t get too obnoxious.

Thank you for your comments

Dick, don’t you think it is a little ridiculous on your new forum to censor the word “cockpit” and change it to “thingypit”??? I’m not kidding ;that just happened!!

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

<center>We will have NO SWEARING or BAD WORDS on my forum !!! </center>

Actually, if you read one of the threads, you will note that the forum has a built-in feature to change words of - ummmmmmm - “questionable” nature. In fact, it recognized me as “thingy” as well ! (instead of Dick) Sorry about that - and I will visit the admin section when I have a moment to see what other words might be mistaken.

<font color=“green”><u>EDIT - added: </u>The word has been removed from the “Censored Words List”, so the word “cockpit” will no long be replaced with “thingy”. However, should you decide to post “kiss my ass” - that will continued to be changed to “I Disagree!” Best I can do for now. Let me know if you find any other word exchanges for consideration. </font id=“green”>

A reminder to F-48 owners.

Final due date for 2004 membership renewal was February 1, 2004. If you did not renew your membership, your sail number is subject to re-assignment, and you currently are not listed as a member.

The F-48 Multihull Owners Class Association will continue to monitor this site on this forum.

All “official” posts and answers to questions posted here will be answered on the F-48 Multihull discussion site. Please feel free to visit that location <font size=“1”>(see first post of this topic for link)</font id=“size1”>

No additional posts will be made here for the time being.

Thank you for your continued interest in the U.S. F-48 Multihull program.