Multi vs. Mono: more HEAT

The double handed Transat Jacque Vabre ocean race for 60’ monohulls and 60’ multi’s was just completed.The multi’s started 5 days later than the monos and finished first.
Multi av. speed:17 knots
Mono av. speed : 10 knots

Mirror ,mirror on the wall whose the fastest of them all…

For those working to bring multi’s into their own in rc sailing this is MOTIVATION!

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

Yes! I have down loaded the pictures and plan to make my Nightmares look like them if I can. There are some models on a French site that are beautiful.

How much will it take for people to realise that sticking lead on the bottom of a boat is not quick?! :wink:

If its not blowing it sucks!