Multi hull RG65

in another thread I introduced the RG-65 Crazy Tube Too of Peter Gernert. This guy does a lot of experimental work and he tried to build also a trimaran based on the RG-65 class rules. Nobody believed, that this will work, but he proved it …

The MH-65 DEPRONI is completely build from Depron and carries the same swing rigg as the Crazy Tube Too. Weight is only 390g, because the little Tri needs no keelbulb.

More pictures can be found at:

Haegar -

wonderful news for a multihull enthusiast.

Would you be so kind as to ask him for beam measurements? I think NOW it the time to agree on any rules for a multihull version of the RG-65 Class - since I know a few folks will want to give it a try over here, myself included.

Thanks for letting us know about this.

Hi, Dick,
I have forwarded your question to Peter. I will post his answer here as soon as possible

Hi, Dick,
beam is 65cm

You can call the class “RG65 square”

And you said the other hulls were for your grandkids:p

Thank you - very much appreciated. I have a note pinned to my building area wall, and the MRG-65 is on my list of things to do.

Have a few photos at home of a balsa build of the Mini40/F-48 GHOST TRAIN - but at 28 inch size which would be about 71.12 cm. Wonder how well it would sail if 1.12 cm were removed in length? Not sure that existing designs scaled down that small would work - I think you would need more freeboard and built-in buoyancy. Then again, you aren’t carrying that much sail area. Hmmmmmmmm - maybe a foam set of hulls? :rolleyes: :smiley:

Hi, Dick,
Peter made his tri completely from foam (Depron). That’S why it is called DEPRONI.

Here are some additional pictures published in the German RC-Network Forum

I hope, that the links will work …

Might have seen these before - but maybe share with Peter. This happens to be the Mini40 GHOST TRAIN reduced in size to about 28 inches in length x 24 inches wide (approx. 71.12cm x 60.96cm). It was built by a fellow from California, who moved to Hawaii and then I lost contact with him - so never sure if it sailed. Built from balsa.