MRP Aussie II web site?

Is there a web site for the MRP Aussie II ?

I’d like to work on it over the winter (summer for the mates down under). The oem fibreglass mast broke, so I’m considering a carbon arrow shaft. I’d also like to replace the rudder with one of the ‘balanced’ design, and work on the sails; the jib boom clew lifts with any kind of wind and the main is always too full (needs a kicker line).

I’d like to see what others have done.


Check Wal Mart for carbon arrow shafts. I got 10 on sale for $2.00 to $2.50 EA.
Don M.

I have a box of arrow shafts, dood.

Howdy Tomohawk, Aussie 2 was designed with a balanced rudder in the first place. Please forgive me I don’t know what a MRP is?


I second that Steve.

GRP is Glass Reinforced Plastic, but what is MRP ?

Moulded Reinforced Plastic maybe ?

MRP is the manufacturer Model Racing Products
Length: 20.00 inches (508 mm)
Beam Width: 5.00 inches (127 mm)
Full Height: 36.00 inches (914 mm)

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welcome brother
I too have that kit. and I will NOT part with it. but my kit was call 'THE OCEAN 500" by koysho. then i think koysho sold the kit to mrp. the boat is good. just very tender. would love to get a second one. mine is 15 years old and show is.

You forgot to glue on the two steering wheels…

But you’re right, it was called Ocean 500- I remember now. :slight_smile:

So unless there’s somebody holding back, I guess there’s no such web site that discusses improvements. Maybe we could start a section or a topic here. Feel free to PM me about stuff.

I’m thking about the carbon mast because the fiberglass one broke twice already. And I think I’ll go with a different masthead crane, like the hockey-stick type you see on 1 Meters.

That means you could stress the mast and bend it, which doesn’t sound good because the main is loose enough as it is. I want to get my main & jib flat, so I think I’ll also redo the jib boom to be more like a 1M with the deck attachment point a little back from the front end. Maybe make the jib boom from wood/ply? It needs to be thin for looks but thick enough to carry some load.

I already changed the “sailwinch servo” some something stronger.

Definitely a stiffer mast and stiffer sails to start with. Sails like the solings have. It just won’t have the 12Meter print on it. Where do you get that stiff stuff?

the blue one is the ocean 500. the white one was called new heron, cup racer. and that one came with radio installed. no wing. but it look like an old 12 meter before the wings. the wife found that one on ebay. complete with radio. and guess how much?
$5 canadian:smile3:
and both boats work. when i get bored in the winter( i am canadian so the water gets hard in the winter. i just turn on a fan , and then go sailing:smile_lol

Both nice boats! I see you tied the mainsail foot on the 500 to the boom. Why?

My Sailboat Page There’s a nice profile of the 500 (US-77) there; a Good view of the keel!

Coug , how did we get on to the subject of bathtubs and twelve metres?

Tomohawk That looks a pretty little boat but the rudder is not right. Ithink you will find the rudder on the real Mc Coy is a balanced type and not straight up & down, as shown but apartfrom that PDG to coin the vernacular.


tom was talking about his aussie II. and he was wondering about a website. i just took a shot of my ocean 500( later to be bought by mrp and renamed aussie2) and my wifes herron. both are copies of the 12 meters that raced in the 83 cup… I dont know if it was here. but somebody asked me if they could sail indoors. well those pictures showed i can be bored. and a fan in the bathroom will provide the wind. these boats will run in a tub. just basicly you can use it as a time to test your close quarters drill.

The reason I was asking is that the model looks fine, the way the booms are rigged on needs serious improvement. First of all, there isn’t any kind of a gooseneck, so the mainboom attaches to the mast by a ring on one end that is just loose around the mast. the main could literally slide up & down, except I used zipties over & under to keep it in place.

Then there’s the jib. the tack attaches to the deck at the bow, and there’s a sheet- that’s all. When the wind presses on it, the clew will lift.

So you get scale looks, and the rudder & sheet work, but it doesn’t sail too well at all. So I’m going to work on it for the next 6 weeks ( our club will be sailing at the Mid-Ohio boat show, in a man-made pond!) Jan 13 - 22, so I’d like to have it ready by then. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out how to fix it, only getting or making the pieces may be tough. the goal is to get it to sail wbetter and keep the scale 12M (old-school) looks.

I’ll keep some notes and hopefully some pictures- if I can remember.