Moving The

As many probably notice the webpage was down over the weekend. Well this has been happening more than I would prefer so I have decided I am going to move this site over with the rest of my sites with a different host company (hostgator).

I will need to talk with the footy folk in order to setup an account for them.

I will try to keep everybody updated on what is happening.


Please let me know if i can assist in any way.


Same here

and IF there’s a financial issue, I am ready to help!


update. I am getting rid of Active Server Pages. Which means I am going to have to rewrite the frontpage. (Needs a make over anyway) But I will be ditching all of the old MS-Access databases.

I think this will only effect:
old classifieds on the front page
Old discussions off of the old frontpage database (I think that is 1997 - 2000 I want to say)
Frontpage links list… Most of these I have transfered over to the vBulletin
Article System will be gone.

So yeah I will need to redesign my front page. I am going to try to redesign my RSS feed agg. so that will remain on the frontpage.

Footys webpage. It looks to me like they are already using PHP.

When I goto actually switch this board over I will need to lock it down for two days until the DNS and domain name are sync’d with the new host.

Thank you all for your support. Hopefully this will bring a more stable board.