Movable Ballast Rc Sailboats

Movable ballast in rc sailing is starting to grow: the Aquataur company has the smallest boat and in some respects the most unique line. The A600 will be followed with the exciting Musto Skiff(50")and a catamaran-- all three using winch power to move ballast in the shape of a “crewperson” side to side. I’ve sailed the A600 and it is a blast!
microSAIL! has a catamaran , the D4Z and a new canting keel boat being designed by Graham Bantock as well as the experimental microMOTH featuring hydrofoils and a Trapeze Power Ballast System that moves ballast as if it were crew on a trapeze dinghy.
And finally the new Ultimate Warrior by Wind Warrior Yachts in New Zealand is a 38"canting keel model.
These boats all put the stability of the boat in the hands of the skipper --a new and exciting way to sail that is both challenging and loads of fun–a REVOLUTIONARY new RC sailing/racing experience…[:-jump]

Doug Lord
High technology Sailing