"Moustache hull"

Hi all

The Windstar I sail is said (at least in French) to be a “moustache hull” design. I think the moustache refers to the bow sections with a rather thin lower and and some kind of lateral extension in the upper part. See attached pics.

I was just curious to know the benefit and/or downside (if any) of this design which seen quite seldom in IOM’s as far as I know.


NB: The boat on the pic is not mine. Mine has the Robbe GF hull.

avoiding nose-diving maybe?

That’s what I thought at first sight… but why then combining it with such a flat nose that acts like a hydrobrake making the nose dive as soon as it gets in the water stream.

Don’t ask me how I know…

not that I am a specialist, but I think older M’s had that kind of “moustache” too