Mounting Mast tube

How would you suggest that the mast tube (for the stayless rig) be mounted temporarily until you find the best place to keep it? I was thinking about using RTV stuff on the bottom, and maybe a slot in the deck, then use RTV stuff to glue a sliding cover over the slot. When you find the best spot, either permanently glue the cover, or a new deck ( or section).

I know the Bob About has the position marked on the plan, but if you use a different sailplan, or you develop your own hull design, you need a way to find that best spot for the mast.


Sounds like a good idea, Tom. Maybe hot glue or silicone caulking?

I took a hint from the USOM guys, and put in 3 tubes with the middle one where I thought the optimal place might be. That way, I have some adjustment for wind conditions or different rigs.