Most economical way to ship a Marblehead?

Hi guys-
For those of you who have shipped 50" and larger hulls. What is your best method? and carrier of choice for the continental USA? From what I understand, any box that goes over 50" goes UPS Freight and cost alot of money.
I have a boat that needs to go from NYC to Chicago.
Thanks in advance-

Yellow Freight, deliver to dock, mark hold for pickup. There is (or was, last I used them) a special handling tariff for delicate shipments like musical instruments. The bulk of damage occurs in the first and last legs when the residential delivery guys bang stuff around. Plus they hate big boxes, so going dock to dock avoids that risk. And the cost.



an almost unbreakable shipping container is a piece of PVC culvert. It’s smooth on the inside and corrugated on the outside. Cut a couple of circles out of wood for the ends and screw them in. Support the hull inside with some foam cut outs. Bolt a handle on the outside to help move the ungainly package.

Pack it well, ship Grayhound station to station. Not as big as a Marblehead, I just had an Odom shipped to me San Fransisco to Los Angeles for 36 dollars insured. THat was the hull and sail rig.