More UK Footy Events

More UK Footy Events!

The Footy class is growing in momentum throughout the UK.

The first Footy UK Championship will be hosted by Gosport MYBC on the superb lake in Gosport on 29 July 2007. I know that Brett McCormack, one of the originators of the class, is wondering whether he can make it all the way from New Zealand! Come and join in the fun.

For details contact the host club’s Events Coordinator, Robert Hobbs on +44 (0) 2380 255896.

And now for more of the same. The famous Bourneville MY&PBC will be running another New Zealand Postal Classic Heat, again on 22 April 2007. For details, contact John Newey on +44 (0) 7776 031 794 or at .

The airfare is rather steep ,much as I would like to attend the classes first major championship I think I will have to settle for a “hired gun” to do the buisness with my boat.

I will feel that the class has finally “arrived” after the running of a major event like this ,assuming a resonable number of competant sailors attend.

A great year ahead for the Footy class indeed.

Wimp!!! [needed to make up message length]

PS Who wears the trousers? FLAME. BAN ME!