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Ground rules: I am posting as information of where to find building plans for some “hobby” as well as racing boats. Visit Traplet Publications. I am making no money for posting this.
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A classic One Metre design with ply sides and rounded underwater hull, and therefore requiring slightly more modelling ability to complete. The full size frame lines, fin and rudder sections are shown but no model construction details. Designed by Charles Detriche.

$ 10.00
Order no.: MAR2345

A ply chine One Metre class yacht, easily and cheaply built. Designed for club racing at low cost. Excellent club project, as plan shows all hull panel templates fullsize as well as the usual fin and rudder profiles. Designed by John Spencer.

$ 10.00
Order no.: MAR2401

A slim hull One Metre Class design, with plenty of competition experience to it’s credit. Plans on one sheet include all frame sections, plan and side views and a number of components all at full size. Rigs dimensions only, no rigging details. Designed by David Taylor.

$ 10.00
Order no.: MAR2510

One Metre with moderate transom beam, designed for easy construction and good all round performance. Offered as lines plan with full-size foils. Designed by Charles Detriche.

$ 9.00
Order no.: MAR2714

Due to limited text volume - here are more…

Simple and inexpensive ply chine hulled One Metre design. Uses standard sails and fittings to produce an attractive and well balanced introduction to the class. Designed by Charles Detriche.

$ 17.00
Order no.: MAR2836

Two sheet plans for multiple chine plywood hulled One Metre yacht. Full details on plans for home builders, including panel templates and rig/boom construction. Designer Graham Bantock.

$ 25.50
Order no.: MAR2959

A lightweight Marblehead, intended for home building in balsa sheathed with epoxy resin, with deep keel, and suitable for either swings or conventional rigs. Designed by Bob Sterne.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2382

A Marblehead design that follows on logically from the One Metre Nimbus (MAR 2566). Full size hull lines with some construction detail. Rig dimensions are given along with the specification of carbon spar tubes and ‘build yourself’ fittings to give excellent performance at a budget price. Plan shows alternatives of home build timber foils or commercially moulded items. Beam190mm. Draught 589mm. Displacement 5.2kgs. Designed by Graham Bantock.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2568

The latest thinking (January 03) in the Marblehead class, developed by VPP program for all round speed. Plans show some construction info, but suited to experienced builders. Raised foredeck, slim beam and Veed sections and rig dimensions suggested. Designed by Graham Bantock.

$ 25.50
Order no.: MAR3006

An Australian Ten Rater class design optimised to the then new 1994 class rules. Plan has all body sections and fin/rudder profile shown at fullsize, with all rig/sail plans reduced. Designed by Frank Russell.

$ 10.00
Order no.: MAR2443

Still more …

A1998 Ten Rater from Graham Bantock, designed to use the foils common to the Marblehead Cumulus, and compatible rigs. Single sheet plan showing all sections, foils and hull data, with isometric drawings. Designed by Graham Bantock.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2640

A Mini40 class racing trimaran design, 1.2m length and beam, intended for home building in balsa planking, or cut from blue foam and covered in glass cloth. Plan shows all frames for both central hull and floats, rigs and daggerboards and rudder profiles. Designed by Mike Howell.

$ 10.00
Order no.: MAR2394

A 1994 design by Andy MacCulloch to the Mini40 Class rules. Plans on two sheets gives plenty of construction details for this very competitive design.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2432

An International 2M class trimaran multihull. Single sheet plan with design lines only, for experienced or adventurous builders only. Length 2000mm, beam 2000mm, and mast height 2600mm. Designed by Andy MacCulloch.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2607

A MYA Radio 36R class design by Adrian Brewer, updated by John Henningham. Based on a ply chine panel hull, suitable for anyone with a little modelling experience. Fully size hull sections, fin and rudder with some construction information. Designed by Brewer/Henningham.

$ 10.00
Order no.: MAR2355

A variation of John Spencer’s Why Not hull to produce an original una-sail schooner rigged model for fun sailing. Plans drawn by Henry Farley on two fully detailed sheets with rig and sail data. Designed by John Spencer.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2425

A “six metre” design essentially for ‘fun’ sailors. Double chine construction in ply panels. Simple to build and cheap too! Plan shows all frames at full size and side view at half scale. 60" loa, 25lb disp. 1063 sq in. sail area. Designed by Adrian Brewer.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2322

A series of Radio A Class designs, as you can choose the optimum waterline length and sail area for your local conditions. W/L can be varied between 46in. and 54in., and full details of all dimensions are given on the plan for all variants between these parameters. Features include the Delta bulb keel ballast. Designed by Bob Sterne.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2335

Six Metre Class yacht of round bilge section, intended for planking in timber, and for serious racing. The plan shows full size frames, fin and lead bulb of modern shape, and half size profiles. No construction details are on the drawings. Designed by Adrian Brewer.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2395

Reconstructed lines of the classic 1936 M class design by W.J.Daniels. Body sections shown fullsize with reduced lines for planking, and building notes. Designed by A Team.

$ 10.00
Order no.: MAR2489

Final list … Whew !

750mm Sportboat design, offered as a ‘free’ plan in April 98 MM, with photomontage building sequence and rig data in May 1998 issue. When sold later as new print has three sheets, including rig data and building instructions. Hull lines by Graham Bantock. Designed by Mike Robinson.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR2657

Radio ‘A’ Class yacht, designed to be built from ply panels, to form multichine hull, moderate 15kg. Displacement for easy handling. Designed by Adrian Brewer.

$ 18.50
Order no.: MAR2687

Reconstructed lines of a 1938 vintage braine steered 36R yachts. Hull lines and rig plans, without construction details. Designed by F.C.Tansley.

$ 8.50
Order no.: MAR2735

Two sheets showing full working drawings for a variety of steering and sail control devices for vintage, restored and replica yachts of all types. Most diagrams fully dimensioned for reproduction by competent model makers. Designed by G W Clark.

$ 17.00
Order no.: MAR2863

Beginner’s simple chine hull design. Fits Strathcylde 70 Class, and also features in Traplet Video showing construction and trimming/sailing tips. Modest cost and simple rig makes it ideal club or school project. Designer Graham Bantock.

$ 17.00
Order no.: MAR2966

A selection of ballast lines and sections drawn to suit different Classes. Ideal for home builders who need to make a suitable pattern for casting lead ballasts. Lines may be scaled up or down to suit precise weights required, maintaining general profile for optimum low drag and high performance Designer Graham Bantock.

$ 14.50
Order no.: MAR3007

A simple multichine IOM class design. Based on Fireball dinghy. Single sheet plan gives hull lines and frames, no construction info, and rig size data. Designer Charles Detriche

$ 9.00
Order no.: MAR3024

There ----- that ought to keep a few of you busy for the remainder of the winter ! Sorry - but I don’t have photos for most of these. CAVEAT: Let the buyer/builder beware. Some of these are older designs, and not necessarily state-or-the-art … but if you are looking for a good club boat to build, some might offer a consideration and second look.

Good luck.

What a work Dick !! now you deserve a bottle of champaigne
Happy New Year

HI Dick,
Marblehead Class.
There is question to wich I have some difficulties to get a correct answer.

What is the minimum lenght of the LWL for a Marblehead Class ?

It is stated to be 1210 mm in Fig H.2 here below. (extract from Rules 2002)

Is this dimension the minimum acceptable by the rule?
Similar approach for the 30 mm from the Stern ? According to my understanding, the minimum allowed LWL should be 1210 - 30 = 1180 mm
But apparently asking around, no body care.
Any suggestion ? Thanks