After Graham Elliott’s runaway victory in nthe Footy Euro GP last weekend, I have had a number of requests for drawings of Moonshadow or ‘where can I buy one?’

I will be putting up the hull lines plan in Vacanti Software ProLines 7 format on the forum shortly. To read this you need to download the free demo version of Prolines 7 and follow the instructions in Andrew Halstead’s Outrageous Plug thread. This will be accomanied by a bulb calculation spreadsheet tailored to Moonshadow type bulbs and drawings of Easter Saturday’s fin and rudder. The Moonshadow fin is not publicly available because it was designed in very close consultation with Brett McComack using much of his own knowhow. It would not be fair to him to make it available to all and sundry.

The drawings may be freely used for any purpose without charge, including commercial production. The only stipulation, in order to avoid another 507/Cooke fiasco is that you take advice before making any changes.

In the mean time, I am told that Brett still has the tooling and desire to build original (or better, improved) Moonshadows. Contact him if you want one.

Before anyone starts shouting, this is NOT advertising. I have no financial ivolvement whatsoever in any of these deals.


Angus, my friend, I am so happy for you that Moonshadow has finally proved your confidence in her. Congratulations! And Kudos to you for providing a winning design to Footydom, although building one to the ballast ratios you and Brett have achieved may be beyond the reach of all but a few of Footy builders out there.

Thank you Neil! On the ballast ratio, there are a lot of very clever engineers involved in Footys. Show them that x is possible and they will sortly learn how to produce x +1 !


Link to the original build log for those interested.

As promised, some drawing oof Moonshadow are not available on the official website at


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Angus , I have a 507 … what is the " 507 /cooke fiasco" you mention?

I did some mods to the rig but the boat sails well.


I should not have written that on a public forum. I am sorry.

I do not intend to dwell on this matter. Suffice it to say that various of Andrew Cooke’s sillinesses against my advice and that of others (I am thinking in particular of the size and position of the rudder) continue to be copied as an example of good Footy design because of the shameless hype of the 507 advertising. This does the class a disservice.

I do not want making the Moonshadow design available to result in a repetition of the process.

By an accident of history I have a view of Moonshadow taken in Feb 2007 which is close enought to 90degree to enable measurements to be taken off it

The hand is Married Mikes

I have a cunning plan:D

Angus - I am afraid that once you let a design go there is not much you can do to control its direction or who makes an interpretation of it. In my brief stint selling model yachts of my own design I made turnkey boats because that was the only way to preserve the integrity of my concepts. My initial experiences were in selling “short kits”, but I found that some really badly put together boats were showing being touted as Niel Goodrich’s. I was so dismayed by the association that I sold turnkeys after that for a while but I found that the amount of work that goes into an undervalued product was an unsustainable use of my time.

just as well that you didn’t dwell on it:)

Good idea Andrew…that should bring you up to speed…well 2007 speed anyway:)
many a cunning plan been hatched down here since then.