Montanna Idaho and Saskatchewan r/c sailing???


Just trying to locate r/c sailing clubs and or persons in Montana and Idaho and Saskatchewan. I checked the AMYA and CRYA but see no listings for persons or clubs in these areas.

If anyone knows of a group or persons that sail please forward their names and email to me .

Working on setting up a get together and a few races. With the hopes of developing clubs and a set racing schedule.


Where do you sail in Alberta, Do you have a club that you belong to, I am just putting the finishing touches on a IOM (triple Crown) was not planing on racing but if there is some racing in the Calgary area I am in.


there is a few guys that sail in Calgary.
and only two of us here in the HAT.

Heard that there are a few that sail at Princess Island and the other is off 17 Ave. Also somewhere in the NW. One person told me PM Hobbies might know who is sailing but have not had a chance to pop in there to see what they know.

I have only one person up there (Calgary)that I have talked to about sailing and he is thinking of getting back into the sport. He use to sail IOMs

As I said in my posting I would love to see a few clubs get going out here. And to have a “regatta” .


I’m in Boise ID and mostly race IOM’s on the travelling circuit - not much local interest yet.

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Jeff, what boats are you siling in the Hat? I have talked to a person at PM hobbies and there are a few that sail in calgary at a smoll pond behind Home depot in the far south end of Calgary. No IOM’s that I no of, a few ODOM and solings. I live in the far NW and was just planning on sailing a small pond just a few KM’s from home. I have not heard of any sailors at Princes Island, I ride by on the way home from work and have not seen any? My boat has been pieced together with parts that might not make it fully class legal of the fastest boat in the pond, but if you are the only one at the pond, who really cares? Sails made out of old windsurfing sails, fin made from old ceder strips glued and shaped, weight made from old window sash weight. Sounds strange but actually looks good. Will try posting pics some time. If you know of any sailors in Calgary let me know even if we could have an open regatta (fun no classes) that would be fun.

see jeff
this board works if you put the word out. now you have a job on your hands. get a weekend to get evrybody into the hat for a reggatta to show poeple what we do( and not that) the boats.

long live the cup and cris dickson

Where’d you get that blinking duck? Its great. Reason I ask Is I’m getting into 3-d computer animation.

We’ve been trying to start a club for many years here in Boston and its gone back down to just yours truly as a member. Anyone who lives right in Boston interested in R/C sailing? Already been in touch with local clubs in Marblehead and Needham etc. Need people who live right here because theres no place to park near Storrow Lagoon which was built long ago specifically for Model Yachting. Other than that its an Outstanding place to sail.


Sent you a private message.

Sailing Victoria class here but working on a schooner (48inchs)

We (two of us) are also looking at bgetting Seawinds. Had one but local fellow bought it. Don’t know if he built it or not. Also some interest here in tug boats. I think the fellow was talking about one of the Vac u tugs.

the other interest seems to be in electric boats but waiting to see what the City here says about using them in the pond.

when push comes to shove there is only two here sailing both sailing victorias


You are still working on the schooner,good. You haven’t mentioned it in a while. The Cicely is just about ready for the water.

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With work and home life had to set the schooner aside for a bit but…

Fiberglassed the hull last week and things went haywire. Taking time today to really have a good look at it to see what twisted the hull. I think one of the stations let go as the glass dried.
May do the plank on form build instead of what I tried.

I figured you would have had the Cicely ready by now. You’ll have to post a few photos of her