Mommy..........When I Grow Up..........

I got a few of my train friends to try their hand at it! I had a hard time getting my transmitter back

Great picture Bob… your Footy is in fine company I see…


Bob, that’s a great shot!! Please send it to Charles…that should be on our website, too.

thanks…Bill H

I’m one of those tain friends, though I haven’t sailed Bob’s footy.

(I recognized Bob’s photo.)

So…Don’t be anonymous; who are ya? Steam engines and sailing go together in my book!

Yes Bob, I agree.


Anonymous? Me? Na…

I’m Torby from, and, and Tom Ruby at

Former model railroader, model rocketeer, R/C pattern, sailplane and helicopter pilot… Lived 12 years with an angry wife who had to control every penny and when the recession hit, she had to take drastic action to get rid of that useless husband of hers. When I wound up in “The Asylum,” the shrink said, “Tom, you need a hobby.” So next time I got a little money, I went to ebay and bought a little loco and a passenger car. After a couple fairly good years, I built a train shop, but the main business, software development, went flat again.

Now I have a nice job, live in a motel outside Libertyville IL and don’t have any space for track, but there’s this beautiful pond outside my office window, so I used birthday money to buy a sail boat. Once finances stabilize a bit, I’ll start looking for a place to live again.