molding servises

well im a bit sort in work at the moment so was just wondering if i could be of help to any of guys out here wanting to take there footy ideas to the nest step.

basicaly what i have in mind is basicaly to take you ideas from a 3d foam shape to a finished molded hull redy for you to build as i know the molding process can be a bit daunting and requires a fare amount of time and materials.

my idea was to supply a foam blank with a vertical and horizontal devider that you could shape to exactly your design you want,then i could see it through from there to the end product.

odviosly its going to be more expensif for than just buying a kit but it will alow you to turn your ideas or prototypes into something a little more.

i realy dont know if its going to be viable and if anyone would be willing to pay for the sevice but if anyone is intrested let me know and maybe we can sort something

Might also want to focus on the RG65 Class as a potential for non-bulders (but assemblers) - as a suggestion of course.

cheers thanks for that ill put a post u in the new class page aswell.i ges realy i can do most things its just the footys are a nice size and would mean turn around could be farly quick but if required could easily do a larger project.

thanks charlie