Modifying an Futaba Attack radio.

I just dove into the dark recesses of my storage shed and two days later when I found my way back out again, I had in my hand the two channel Futaba Attack radio that I bought four years ago.

Problem: the radio doesn’t have ATV or end-point adjustments. Before I toss the radio and buy one with ATV. Can I simply modify this radio to have ATV?

Or do I remember a link that explained how to install end point adjustments on a Hitec Sail servo?

I eventually found some notes on how to modify the Attack and the Hitec servo then decided that I was better off to buy a 75 mhz module for my Futaba 9C. I now have way too many channels for my sailboat…nah…You can’t have too many channels. I’ll use the Attack for my Footy that I will be building.



Did you find some info on adjusting the end points on the Hitech servos if so are you able to post it or set up a link to where you found it as this would be useful.

Cheers Gappy

how do you modify the hitec? url or post whould do nicely thanks

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I found notes toward modifying a Futaba servo with two micro 10k trimpots in the “1USM construction manual” PDF found on the AMYA website ( I believe the same method would also work on the Attack Radio as well as the Hitec servo.