this is from cougar( a moderator)
i was a moderator when the forum needed it .And i did it because i love sailing. but right now i seem to be getting the feeling that we are not welcome here. anything we do . is wrong. so in about 48 hours. if i dont get an apology. or a change in atitdude. it is simple. i am not wanted. so i quit. then i can fight with everybody. and everybody. I am a canadain. i dont fight for a draw

Please stay Cougar! I apology if I have done anything wrong. Please let me know how I can correct anything.

I agree that the Moderators job is not always the greatest. It is a lot of work for no pay.
That being said, you have to take the good with the bad.
As a moderator, you only ever have to deal with problems. If everyone was friendly and well mannered on the board, a moderator would not be needed would they?
I have to think if you are contemplating quitting the job, you did not think it out very well when you were all gung-ho to become a moderator. I remember you could not sign up fast enough when the position was offered.

I must say I will be very disappointed in any moderator that quits just because things are not all rainbows and butterflies.

If you quit every race you started just because you were not in the lead and a few other obnoxious racers yelled at you for being in their way, would you ever get better? I think not!

Suck It Up! Get on with your day and quit focusing on a few small things that make your job less than perfect.
Concentrate on the good people who are friendly and have new and interesting ideas.

Everyone is all riled up right now. Over what? A few e-mails or private messages?
Why is it that I have no problems with anyone on this (or other) boards?
It’s because I just don’t give a $%&*%(^ if someone wants to complain or bitch. I go on with my day and don’t spend the next week worrying about it.

Peter R.


COUGAR DO NOT GO, otherwise, i will do something really bad to make you come back, ok, i dont know what i will do, but any ways, dont go whatever you do, i think you are one of the best moderators on here,

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

Dear Cougar! -
You’re a moderator - and I know, it can be a tough and sometimes unrewarded job! -
I really appreciate you’re contributions and your intentions to keep this forum within all topics clean and calm! -
But please make sure in the future, you don’t shoot at an Austrian GUY, if you intend to hit a guy from FLORIDA! -

I am NOT Doug Lord! -
I am Ernst Zemann from Vienna! -

I did NOT receive ANY mail from you - asking to change the content of ANY topic I wrote - NEVER! -
If you DID send such a mail to Doug Lord, - he of course was INNOCENT in this particular case - and unable to change the content at all - as he hopefully doesn’t have my password! -

I was VERY surprised, when I found two of my contributions deleted the other day! -
I was MUCH MORE surprised, when I saw this forum LOCKED today and in a state of confusion like it seems currently! -

I have 7 to 12 hours time difference in relation to you, depending on in which part of the american continent you live - so when I’m awake and working or writing, most of you are probably in bed! -
And when you’re awake - I’ll probably have gone to the movies after work - or am allready sleeping - do you understand this? -

Anyway - this is no reason to quit - neither for you, nor for me! -
If you think, I’ve done something wrong - sorry for that! -
If you think, YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG - it’s forgiven in ANY case! -
You’re doing a great job, we are all just human - and **** happens sometimes -…-
So cool down, and keep up the good work!-

Give PEACE a chance - and let’s try to do it better next time - OK?
Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

i dont delete or edit a message unless i sent you a PM. not an email. your 2 post that were deleted was not dont by me. you did get hit with a stray shot. and I am sorry about that. you dont deserve that. but there has been alot of confusion here. when i saw the “perfect” in your post. i got angry. i did not lock up this board. and locking it up was like a time out.right now we only have 2 moderator on the board. where before we had 4. wis is on vaction and matt is in crowes. so right now it is just me and dan.
if you are worried about the time diffenece. i talk to people in austrailia. britian, all over the world. so dont worry about that. form what i hear . you build mutlihulls . so that I wont be in yur area. i dont have much interest there. some day i will have a cat. but not right now.
long live the cup and cris dickson