Model yacht bulding Book

Some time ago I was asked by Russel Potts (History Man) to translate an old Norwegian book on model yachts with a view to his micro-publishing house Curved Air Press.

Unfortunately we have come to the conclusion that the three people in the world who are actually likely to sheell out hard-eraned cash for it are Russell himself, Earl Boebart and myslf - and since we were all involved, we probably have to be written off as potential customers.

However, the first part of the book is about the fundamental design calculations for a model yacht. A you might expect (the original was publishd in 1914), all the methods are firmly rooted in ad/subtact/multiply/divide/paper/pencil metods.

Since these seem to have turned into a black art, I attach the first part of the translation. I must stess that this is a translator’s ‘rough’. It has not been properly proof-read, the layout is loosy and some terminology remains to be checked. It may, however, still be of interest. :graduate::zbeer:

Following my 1st and 2nd versions of bottle boats, where i have made some fundemental errors i will be studing this with great interest.

I have fallen into the trap of being headstrong with an idea that has been spawned from someone (Thank you Roger) who said you could not get your hand in there to do it - this ultimatly led me to try and prove him wrong.

I have to admit this is a personal quest on my part and i am part way there with the build - now i need to go back and re-read the basics.

This will be invaluable

Angus thank you