Model sailing on Mill Lake Abbotsford BC

Just thought I would share a short video of our group racing on Mill Lake in Abbotsford BC. The footage is from they guys at RC TV and the full episode will air on the OLN network at 8:30 est on dec 1st

enjoy :slight_smile:

what class of boats…??? nice vid

looks rather precarious getting he boats in the water… Would be nice if they let you put in a swing gate…

The class of boats is a little mixed. We had 1 marble head, 2 IOM’s, 1 Seawind carbon edition, 1 imex 100 rtr boat, and my boat the camera boat is a old 36/600. But even with all those different boats the racing is still quite close. Lots of fun

As for the swing gate I would agree it would be nice but it is a public dock and the powers that be won’t let us change it.