Model sailboat Racing in Abbotsford

Hi To All

Myself and a few friends will be having a model sailboat get togeather at Mill Lake in Abbotsford BC Canada on April 22 at noon we will set up a small corse and have a small row boat for recovery if needed.

Hope to see lots of new faces out there, this is just for fun so bring any sailboat you like.

Happy sailing


Well guys the weather isn’t looking promissing

I will keep a close eye on the weather network I will let you all know on friday if I will be out or not.

If not I will reset a date. Is Sunday the best day for everyone or would you perfer another day?

Hi Jonathan
I sent you a PM

PM replied to

Well they are still calling for rain on sunday

I’m going to put off sailing this weekend but I will reschedule the event for next month.

Sorry guy’s but the game has been called on account of rain.

See you all in May

Okay we’ll try this again

May 21 holiday monday model sailing in Mill Lake Abbotsford high noon weather permitting. I’ll set up a corse and we’ll have a small boat for recovery if needed.

I hope to see all of you model sailors out there

Just finnished making some new marker bouys and recording the start timer should make for some good racing. I hope to see lots of new sailors out there don’t be intimidated we are all new to this its just for fun so let’s get out and have some:)

Well it’s raining. So I will have to put off racing again, but I will set another race day soon keep checking back for the next one :x

If you are looking for start sequences to use for your racing then see here…