mistral or advance MK I

i’m interested in building us1m sailboat, Kindly suggest whether mistral or advance MK I is better in terms of speed, easy to build and others.


All the boats in the US-1M catalog are 20 yrs. old except the Zipper III. We have to get some of the US-1M skippers to submit their designs. The Mistral which is now the ODOM is heavy and sails well in heavy air. There have been Zipper III’s built but I have not heard of the results. If you can work with just the shadows I can send a copy of one of my concentric circle designs which would be similar to the Venom.

Thanks for your reply.

It looks to me that zipper is skinny boat but i was told that it is one of the fast boat. Anyway, please send me the designs. If,possible autocad file would be great. My email address is katechai@yahoo.com.

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If this is your first boat building project (heck, even if it?s not) my suggestion would be to build the Mistral, you can download the complete plan (the shadows) from the AMYA website, along with the US One meter construction guide, a must read for all home builders (some parts are a little on the old side, but you can easily find newer solutions on the net).
It?s true the Mistral is a relative older boat, but if it?s well build and sailed it?s definitely a still a winner. Quoting Jim Linville (class secretary) ?It?s a solid 8 all over the place?. There are a lots of Mistral derivates (called Mistress) sailed, successfully I may add, in the northeast, and you can find the Minuteman Mistress dimension and set up on the usom yahoo site (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/us1mrcsailing/). The Variant is another Mistrall evolution.
The Zipper III plans are available from the class secretary for a 3$ fee 9copies and postage), it?s a brand new design, looks like a killer boat, but I don?t know of any finished and sailing boats (I have a complete Kevlar/carbon fiber hull, being finished).
Just for information there are a couple of IOM plans available on the net too (Triple Crown to name one) same building process, you might want to consider one of those too, if there are a lot of IOM sailed in your area.

But if you want to go with an USOM, build the Mistral.

e-mail me if you have more questions.

Gio: ZipperIII; At the water line does the hull take a reverse curve coming in quite fine and then curving out not a smooth curve from the nose. I will have to send a letter to Steve.

Yes, I had the hardest time with the second shadow. The shadow seems to be short and too narrow judging by the rocker view and the picture on the yahoo site, where there is no dips and the lines seems smooth and straight.
Personally I faired the hull in that section, but ask Steve about it.


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both boats are pretty easy to build. i have done both. my perference is adavnce, but this could start a whole lot of agruements here. i have found that mistral has alot of hull that is not realy needed. the minutemen in boston have a club boat, called the mistress. and the basicly fix it it. for you first boat. and this is coming from a guy in the hobby for over 20 yrs. and has 7 boats on line right now. i would take advance mk 1. and then after a year of sailing build mistral. and you tell us the differnece. it would be a great learning curve for you. i know i enjoyed it
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In light and strong wind, in lake and in the sea which sailboat performs well.