Minimum Stall Torque rating for Marblehead Class

Does anyone have a minimum stall torque “rule of thumb” to use for the M-Class?
As a general synopsis, do people consider that the boats require, say 200 oz/in of torque from a 800 sq inch sail?

The real reason is I too am looking at replacing a winch with Hitec HS-785HB Drum from ServoCity, as others have.
I just have heard about them, and haven’t seen them last or work first-hand. Is the 183 oz/in rating sufficient for a M-Class?

yes, i understand they are slow and all that other stuff associated… I’m hoping to talk soley about the torque rating.

All of my other boats are on the RMG system, which doesn’t need debating that it’s the best. This boat I’d be replacing the winch on has an arm in it rated at 665 oz/in, which is way-overkill.

So, What’s the minimum torque rating you would install in a M-Class?

Answered my question on another forum.
Looks as if some people have gotten away with as little as 131 oz/in of torque on an M.

So I’ll be safe with the 183 oz in on the Hitec Drum.

That being said, check the classifieds on this forum. Listing my arm winch for sale.

I think you will be fine. I use a 785 in my Star45 and that has more area than an M. Just very slow for competition use.

You can also reduce the force on the winch by have the sheeting point on the booms as long as possible and use the full rotation of the winch.


Great, thanks.
I have heard it’s quite slow.

That’s alright, I’ll deal with it. It’s a “classic” M anyways, so no high level competition going on in that realm now-a-days anyways.
We do get a fair group regularly for fun fleet racing, and this drum should be plenty sufficient for that.