Mini40 multihulls future development route?!

Since yesterday - Friday 03/07/2010 - the so far biggest rc-multihullmeeting is happening in Germany!

19 (!) cats and tris are there!

What can we learn from them - and what new trends in design and handling will come out of this event?

Read more:

Reports, photos of new designs, current regatta settings ? Don’t they have a regatta or club website to view?

It´s all here, Dick:

I couldn’t find anything on the RG65 Multihull class (other than the race notice) - or if any were there?
Are any of your boats - or are you - racing?

Hi Dick,
as far as I was able to find out, only KAMPAI 26 took part with his RT65 Trimaran,
which is - at least - BASED on my selfbuildingplans.

But the MINI40-Class is much more popular in AUSTRIA and GERMANY:

  1. Karl Schmidt (AUT 07) is the most experienced race sailor with his purple/yellow trimaran.

  2. Eric Gielen (Aut 33) sails the last “Nightmare Mk.VII” , which I built together with him in 2007.
    The sails are made by Karl and Eric continues his “apprenticeship” as a race sailor guilded by Karl.

We could discuss for years how much influence the man on the sticks has regarding the performance
of his boat - but I´m sure if both would change the boats, Karl would still win!

  • and in the end the second place overall for Eric Gielen isn´t that bad - right? -

As you may remember, I had to retire due to health problems,
so I was unable to join them - but in my mind I´m still with them.

So far no Austrian or German sailor has completed a “Nightmare MkVIII”,
but I know of several under construction! -

This year there where 6 (!) 2M-Trimarans there - and they did their own races!
Even 4 french guys showed up with their boats -
And only GERD RASCH and ANDREAS HEILWAGEN where from Germany.

Unfortunately NO Austrians are sailing 2M-Tris currently!
Eric Gielen has discontinued building his 2M-Tri he started together with me -
and also no progress on the other 2M tri I started with a customer from Lower Austria - it´s really a shame!

I provided them with all knowledge needed, but as said before since 2007 I was unable to continue -

  • except as a technical consultant. It´s really up to them now.

Ernst Zemann/Idealist/Disabled

A first set of pictures and comments are here - much more to come during the next days:

Also videos will be online shortly!

Ernst -

thanks for the “behind the scenes” information. I had not seen much in 2 meter development, and thought the program/class was not growing. Very good to hear there was some numbers of competition. Good for the class, and good for multihulls in general. Here in the US, the owners haven’t focused on any class yet. Some build to the RG65 size, there are several 1 meter trimarans, and few more F48/Mini40 boats, and I’ve lost touch with the only 2 meter boat that I knew of from back in early 2000’s.

Since there is such a wide interest level, it is difficult to convince new builder/owners to look at any specific class as there just aren’t enough “numbers” to convince people to put in time. Fortunately Clyde Jones has had his out a few times, so there is some promotion - but we really need to get 10 boats on the water at one time to get interest levels up. Because the US is so big, and so are the boats, travel is a concern. The economy also has taken away a lot of interest as well - so I believe it will still be a few more years before we see any kind of central regatta/meeting.

Thanks for the link to the photos. I recall Karl’s yellow/purple boat from the past, and you are right that “stick time” is more important than having the fasted boat or newest design.

I will continue to press the multihull idea here in the States, and perhaps it will take off.


Since the two RC-Multihull-Classes - Mini40 and 2M -
have been accepted as official sailboat-classes by the “Deutscher Segel Verband” (“German Sailing Association”) - DSV, even the press takes notice of them by now!

I hope you got a good translation program to read it:

Here is the first video online:

And more to come!

Lots of infos and pics.
I hope you got a good translation program:

Ernst - can you get any design/information on the trimaran 376 (Green/white hulls) please? I would like to email the owner/builder as I have a few questions. I could not find a list of competitors that included their sail numbers - or was not looking in the right place.

Thanks for the video - and last link seems to be “dead”.


Another try:

Hi Dick,
the green/white tri 376 “Breitling” has been built by Jens Krauss aka TomTest in the german forum.
he is one of the guys who organises the rc-multihulls-events.

Thanks Ernst - I will see if I can communicate with him. I am interested in seeing a side view of the hulls when out of the water. They have a resemblance to my “IMPULSE” 1 Meter design.


Hi Dick,
please re-check the german forum.

Someone pulled up the old topic about the maiden voyage of the Tri you where interested in!
“Das Dreibein ist fertig…!!!”

As far as I´m aware, Jens built three of them.