mini transat lines?

I was inspired by JPN-001’s boat, and was wondering where one can find the lines? I would love to build one.

I did alot of sailing on whitbread boats while in college and built a rather crappy scale model of the boat I raced on (Challenge America US42624, Ex The Card). I love the newer designed boats, they are like ferrari’s.

I have always had a thinkg for the mini transat boats though, and drooled over the few that I have bumped in to while stalking the docks in Annapolis. I will never forget seeing a mini while out racing stars, and I was hooked. It was hard to finish the race i was so taken by the lines.

So where can I get the lines, I have the basic idea, but would really like to base my build on reality. It would be fun to try as JPN-001 did to exploit the footy rule, or even build one bigger? With a assy spin? water ballast?(it seems alot of htis could be taken care of with a pic controller?

who knows, maybe this will turn into a new, scale racing class? sorta like the 2.4 meter boats. maybe a 1.2 meter class

Sorry for my rambling, but if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them? I would also love to hear from JPN-001 if you are stil out there?


You could contact an architect, that does mini transats.
When I’m personally ready, there’s a set of real plans waiting for me. I just gotta conjur-up $4000.

Check this guy’s creation. Maybe talk with him about plans:

As for scale classes, there is talk of a 1/10 scale class on these forums.

nigel, did i read that right? do you have plans to build a full mini???


not yet (funding).

from past builds and such, i have become good friends with a couple of young modern architects. one is a cunuk genius, and is in halifax at the moment (that’s who i’d get the mini plans from), and the other is a french marvel over in france…famous for his “avocet 50” cat.

both aren’t just number jockeys either. they have hands-on experience building racers, to compliment their overall designing talent.

when the funds come, the craft size will increase (with the increase in build-house of course)

When I built MiniMe a few years ago, I Googled around and found enough to develop lines for a semi-scale version.

As you develop your ideas, keep in mind that the MiniTransats are designed to optimize performance for their particular race conditions, which may not be the same as yours. They are also designed to take advantage of moveable ballast…canting keels or water tanks…which is an option not available to Footy builders. I personally believe that the wide, flat sections optimize the downwind performance…great for the real thing but perhaps exaggerating the already problematic diving tendency of a Footy.

All that said, they make a natural subject for a scale Footy…so have fun. But if you also want it to be a strong competitor, you might want to change it a bit under the waterline.

Bill H

Hey Bill, i think we were actually talking about a full scale mini… am i right nigel?

But you have a good point, our footys, much as they make great scale models for minis, we are gonna have to change the design brief up a bit to keep them sailing. lol

i thought we were talking about both:

  1. footy…scale-ish deck / adapted hull.
  2. real scale…dreaming :slight_smile:

not sure if this helps or not:

The lines of Dudley Dix’s 6.5m ‘Didi Mini’ can be found in issue 28 of ‘Boat Design Quarterly’ from the Wooden Boat Store

There should be something on his website:

I would recommend the wooden boat store (part of Wooden Boat Magazine) and BDQ without reservation. very nice people.
Mind you at the end of the day you are left with a very light footy-108 gms and what I feel is the wrong hull shape for the Footy, but that’s another thread