Mini Transat 26cm with canting keel

hi there,
just finished my new mini trasat only 26cm long with canting keel
it must be the smallest boat sailing with a canting keel and maybe even the smallest home made rc sailing boat ever.
For more info and pictures see
->sailing -> mini section
it works great!
also check out my other modells.

very nice!!

congrats…I cant wait to build my MicroMagic…will try things…but not a canting keel…

Again nice one


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

WOW, it looks great!! Just a couple questions:
What sort of servo are you using for the keel mechanism?
Since you don’t have a secondary fin, do you notice much leeway when the keel
is canted to a severe angle?

I used the smallest possible servo i could find:

Remember the size of the boat? so the servo really is tiny.
It is 10x17x21mm and weighs 5.4grams.
the whole keel mechanism is far from ideal.
The servo is not really powerful enough. It works ok but it could be a lot better. the keel only swings to about 30? in each direction. so no, i didn’t notice a lot of leeway when the keel is canted.
It was more just for the sake of it, but man those 30? still make a big difference!
The problem was finding the right equipment in this size! i couldn’t get a gearbox or similar in this size, I just had to work with what i had. read more:
i changed the seal from how it was on the foto. I stuck a piece of plastic bag round the keel in the hull and tied it together over the top of the keel. it doesn’t really look god but it seals completely!
there are also a few (rather strange) videos of the boat sailing, and of the keel mechanism:

That is awsome!

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