Mini 40

I posted these questions on another forum, and got some opinions, was just wondering if anyone else had any.

Some friends and I are going to build some Mini 40 Tris. The design that we have decided on is the Ghost Train.

We are thinking of some foils on the floats much like the ORMA 60s to try to create some extra lift. These would be curved under the floats just like the full size ones. Any comments?

Is it necessary to fit rudders to the floats if the main hull is going to be clear of the water much of the time(hopefully)?

What is a good way of attaching the hulls to the cross beams? I know that it will make transport difficult, but I am thinking of building the boat with fixed beams.

The boats will be built of carbon, does anyone know what sort of layup should be used? I know that Marbleheads are built from 1 layer of 4oz Carbon, and 1 layer of light glass. Would this be enough, of would there need to be extra carbon around the high load areas, ie crossbeams etc.

How necessary is the foil on the bottom of the rudder, and is it worth making it adjustable either on land, or by remote?

Thanks for your thoughts