Mid price IOM sail winch?

Looking at finishing off another IOM, I will then have three. I am getting better each time. First boat i put in the Hitec winch, second put in Hitec 815. So now I am wondering what to put in the next one? Do I go with the 815 again or go for somthing like 7950 or 7955? Oh and this will probably go on my christmas list from my wife and kids!!


Hi Andrew,

Here are my thoughts that may help you decide.

The digital winches (much more expensive) work very well and are lighter than the 815.

To me the issue is weight. If your boats are a bit on the heavy side, then the lighter digital winch may help. But this is only an issue of you want to do top level racing. For most of us, we can gain and loose more on a single wind shift or poor steering that any weight difference could add to performance.

The boat will not be twice as fast by buying a winch that costs twice as much.

My advice would be stay with the 815. It is fast, strong and robust. :zbeer:

(from sunny warm Yuma, AZ)


John, did you put the winch behind the fin or up front? I like the 815 as well but i thought I could spoil myself with a digital. Stay warm!


Hi Andrew
I remember one of your first posts you were having trouble sheeting in going downwind. If this is still an issue(those damn BC Chinooks) the new 486 in.oz. HS-7950 Hitec digital might just solve it. But it’s $110 US. Whats that, $600 Can or something? But it’s Christmas, according to my wife price doesn’t matter at Christmas. It is smaller if room is an issue. But you could have two 815’s for the price of a digital. Can you tell I’m going through the same issue? The digital is really tempting but if you don’t have top of the “A” very often I think the trusty old 815 is the answer.

Andrew -
if you are having “space issues” with the 815 and a swing arm - take a look at ServoCity’s Model 805

It has pretty much the same power specs - but is a little bit faster. Best part is for an extra $10 they will ship a “modified” servo capable of 180 degree rotation - or if you are adventuresome and think you can stop the winch in time, you can get it modified for $20 for continuous rotation. Then replace with a drum instead of an arm, and it will fit in smaller spaces. Got to be careful though - as going too far continuous might remove your rig ! :rolleyes:

Hi guy’s…
I just wanted to drop some new info in on this post… As I have some potentially interesting results for a rock bottom priced winch.

Okay - I have just changed out my previous winch for one that I bought from Ebay.
Now, it come from China and I was very suspicious to say the least. My whole ambition with my latest project has been weight saving to the extreme, and if I can save nearly 100 grams by changing the two winches on my canting keel 1 meter, running std top suit sails, that already only weighs 2700g then count me in!
I wanted to see if the winch lived up to expectations - and I am very pleased with both performance and the sheer value for money!
Sheeting speed and torque is much better than the previous Hitec winch model but not quite as fast as say the RMG 280…
However - Its just 61 grams… That is just astounding considering how small it is - The same size as a standard servo , but a little louder than most as well. Not a bad sound - more “I’m here and doing my job”… than struggling to hang on.
I had my boat laid over flying the bulb out of the water which would make all but the best groan, and the winch coped perfectly.
I now have 2 more on order and 1 metal geared option for the canting keel winch - as I have already sheared the output shaft off a Hitec winch during a Chinese Gybe…Oops… So I am a bit cautious about plastic for that application.
Where to buy-
Search for the Revolution shop on a Ebay worldwide search and you will find the place that is selling them… for 14 Quid in English money or around $25-$30!!!
Now, are you interested!!!
I will be sailing almost everyday with the winch so I can keep you up to date with any reliability problems.
Ciao for now…


R2hobbies.com list several sail servos - none 61g and 14 squid.
Their top model is a digital, metal gear: rcps91116_22ymb.
Let us know which one you recommend as one of our members has rubbished these in the past:

tried looking for this "Search for the Revolution shop on a Ebay worldwide search " but i could not find it could provide a link?

I can not find ServoCity’s Model 805 ?

I’m not sure what you think of as mid-priced but can I suggest the Hitec HS 7955TG, equipped with a carbon fibre arm you would have a light, fast, high resolution and incredibly powerful arm winch. It weighs just 65g, has 24Kg/cm of torque, is ball raced and the ‘TG’ stands to titanium gears. Cost here in the UK is around £60 but I’m sure you could get it for less in the US. Being digital it is programmable so you can vary the travel.


I meant to include this sooner.
Here is the Item number: 290326827698. This is for the metal geared option that is 56 grams…

I must say that I like the sound of the Hitec arm winch… I have just started a new IOM and I will be checking that out…

Hitech just came out with a new 7950tg that is the same size, but can run on 7.4v and put out 35gm/cm or 486 oz/in of torque. They run around $115 in the US.

Hi Andrew - try this link:


Cheers, Dick

Sorry Dick, I thought is was a servo city brand not Hitec. I am using the hitec 815 and using the end adjustments get almost 180, it works great. Just looking to see what else is out there. The 7950 looks great?

With the Hitec digital running on 7.4V I guess a person would have to make sure his receiver had BEC or you would smoke your rudder servo. Do Spectrum receivers have BEC? You would have to use 6 cells, the extra cell or two would use up some of the weight savings. You could change to LIpos but that means changeing your battery charging system. You could run the servo on 6V and sacrifice a little grunt but we all know there is no such thing as too much horsepower. Decisions decisions.

@ Rusty…

I have checked back through the post you linked to and we are talking about the same winches.
However I am experiencing none of the issues described. It behaves perfectly and is an improvement on the sheeting speed regardless of the smaller drum diameter.

I guess that he might have been subject to a faulty batch of winches perhaps.

I will know more when I get the others, and play some more with the one that is installed at the moment.
No wind today = no sailing…:sad:

I had a quick look at the Hitec website and couldn’t see the dimensions or weight of the 7950 servo?


Ray, I do not know the weight but the size is the same as a standard servo.

Has anyone had luck with the cheep Hobico or other no name ones? I most likely would not get one just because I have had really great service from Hitec, but just wanted to see what others have found?

Hobico - by many accounts seem to be questionable performance, and quite a few notes about “cold solder” problems.

I did purchase a GWS drum (single turn) winch and plan to use it on my RG-65. Overkill for that size boat for sure, but need a platform to give it a try as it may become a “jib only” servo for my big multihull. Has not hit the water as yet, but cost was $24.00 delivered (US) and has the following specs:

Weight: 50 grams and @ 6 volts -
Speed: .21 sec/60 degrees
Torque: 7.6 kg/stall (268 oz.)
This is a single turn (360 degree) servo w/2" diameter double groove drum
Sheet movement - approximately 6 inches +/- - use your endpoint adjustments on Tx