MicroYachts exprees footy

Has anyone seen or examined one of these yachts? It supposedly has “mini Harken” hardware and tackle on it. It’s made by some New-England area company. They don’t give much information except that it’s a ‘work of art.’ You can’t tell if it’s radio-controlled, what the rig or sails are like, etc.

One looks like a friend’s real 38-footer. It’s like the kind of functional model you might want to collect, if you wanted a really fancy one.

They’re not cheap tho. http://www.microyachts.com/microyachts.html


TomoHawk - yes it is a very nice and beautifully finished

The other question I would ask about it is what is the price like for a completed hull with all the cute hardware? He only gives some prices for the hull and hull with deck on.

I wonder if it is one of thos situation where if you have to ak, you can’t afford one…


David is very aproachable just ask but better to do it on FootyUSA


He occupies that a bit more or his direct email is microyachts@comcast.net
Let him know i sent you

Footies don’t need side stays or much in the way of metal fastenings. All add extra weight above the C of G that is detrimental to righting moment. It is a pretty boat though.

There don’t seem to be too many extra metal fittings than you usually find on an ordinary Footy. It’s probably only a few extra grams of weight. You could easily add that much weight by brushing on a extra coat or two of sealer inside, or some epoxy on things.

Don’t forget the added advantage of being able to shift the CoE with the side stays and the adjustable mast foot

I think the idea of that yacht is to sell you an expensive ‘work of art’ that will sail. Even though he calls the hardware "mini Harken’ you’ll see that it only resembles Big-boat equipment, and it’s not really scaled correctly. But what Footy hardware is? The screw heads holding on the bowsprit are large enough (scaled up) to be winches! Not to mention those sidestays, which are big enough to be cannon barrels. We’ll call it a 38-Footer that you’ll want to give the 5-foot test.

There was no hint of it being any kind of a compettitive thing, so you’re probably fortunate if you can get it to sail out and come back to you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, it “looks” nice, and if I was a wealthy person, I might buy one and send it to Dad, who lives on the luxurious Florida coast, with a 40-footer. He would sail it in his pool or in his private canal behind the house.

After several email messages, David tells me that only HE builds the boats. You order one with whatever things you want on it, and you pay him to build it for you. $$$$$$$$!!!