microSAIL! / CBTFco Announcement

microSAIL! and CBTFco have mutually agreed that microSAIL! will no longer have the EXCLUSIVE rights to CBTF on models between 24" and 87".
From now on any model manufacturer can get a license to manufacture rc models using this technology; all manufacturers will pay the same royalty.
microSAIL! /Doug Lord will continue to act on behalf of CBTFco in helping individuals apply this technology to their own one off boats as well as consulting with any manufacturer in regard to this application.
Manufacturers or wanabe manufacturer’s can contact me directly for a copy of the license agreement that can then be forwarded directly to CBTFco.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Dear Mr. Lord,[:-captain]

We are all so happy to hear that![:-thumbu]

I guess that now, all the recognized classes will collapse due to the revolutioning CBTF system![:-banghead]

Guys, go sell ALL your other boats…CBTF invasion!! oh, sorry I forgot…is there already a CBTF class???[:-vamp]

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just for inforamtion[:-pirate]


Keep your friend close…but keep your ennemies even closer…to the one—>wanna live with me?

this is the pub…dont bother! [;)]…and you better stop baiting!


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _


Do it NOW before it`s too late.[:-jump2][:-pirate][:-tophat][:-witch]

Very, very good. Lorsail, this is a brakethrough. An open market. New members will be attracted!

I would remind everyone that CBTF Inc. (not MicroSail) holds the patent on this technology. As far as I know, no other RC manufacturer has expressed an interest in licensing this technology for RC boats. So MicroSail’s heretofore exclusive arrangement with CBTF inc did nothing to hinder the incorporation of CBTF technology into RC boats. In fact, the previous agreement allowed individuals to incorporate this technology on their own boats if they wanted to (an option that would not have otherwise been available). If a manufacturer wants to build a production boat with CBTF, they will have to get a license agreement with CBTF inc.

Doug has elected to change his arrangement with CBTF to avoid any possible future hinderances to the marketplace. But whether RC boats with CBTF start appearing on the market will have little to do with this change and will have everything to do with this technology proving itself on the racecourse.

So please, everyone! Keep your snide remarks to yourself. I realize that ALDA’s post has already been dealt with. But the sentiment there was uncalled for in the first place. We all realize that many of you feel this technology has no place in the world of RC and that may be true or it may be false. We will all have to wait and see on that point. But the fact that Doug’s legal status with CBTF has changed is worth posting here. So let him post that info so that we are all informed.

Resist the urge to tell us all (again) how you feel about this technology.

Trying to keep the peace… Maybe I should have stayed away…

  • Will

Will Gorgen

Will: Please don’t confuse negatives about the poster with the technology.

CBTF performance is unproven on the r/c racecourse; Doug Lord’s behavior on the internet is longstanding and speaks for itself.

If anyone here thinks that DL has just decided to be so generous to drop his ?EXCLUSIVE rights? to CBTF to just be a good guy has got to be insane. There?s a lot more to this then what he want?s you to think there is.
It?s now getting into 6 month of the year 2004 and there have been no updates on the microsoil cbtf f100? Man, those 5 or 6 people who ordered that boat must be dang patient for sure.

Wondering if any of the newcomers to these forums have seen the light yet? Obviously Will is still in the dark when he makes ignorant statements like ?We all realize that many of you feel this technology has no place in the world of RC…?. You all still on this argument? Just wondering who the ?we? are and the ?you? are? You bug me Will. You?re just too pompous for me to take personally. Interesting how you know so GD much about DL?s business. What right do you feel you have to tell everyone here to keep their remarks to themselves???

Open your eyes here people and wake up to the fact that cbtf has failed in rc sailing up to this point, and I?ll surely bet that it never will be adopted in any competitive class of serious racing. DL is just hangin on here as he has still to this day never developed anything that can be proven as better on the racecourse.

Interesting reading and watching how DL manipulates this forum. When negative comments are made of his foiler it is the best thing to happen to him, because it has now taken all of the focus off of the F100, which he had told everyone that doubted it?s benefits that they were just to ignorant to understand. This is really where it all started here on this particular forum. DL telling all doubters that they were just too stupid to get it and that they all were afraid new technology and that they were archaic in their thinking. Seems that some here still believe this garbage, Will…?
So, now he can just slip away…

Have fun…

I guess I should have followed my first instict which was to say nothing and hope that no one else chose to follow ALDAs lead. But I hit the “send” button instead…


Your point is exactly what I was trying to do. It seemed like the first few replies were attacking the technology BECAUSE of the poster. But the moderators handled that so perhaps I should have left it alone… My post was an effort to help avoid what it has aparently started - another bloodbath.


You’re right, I don’t know why DL chose to take this step. My remarks were speculative in nature based on some comments that Doug made here several months ago on this forum. I do know that Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design took the same step basically because the full size sailing community wanted this technology and did not want one design house to have exclusive rights to it. The same is not the case for RC boats.

You are also right that CBTF has not been proven for RC sailing yet. It may never be proven. It may prove to be a dud. It has gained a serious foothold in the full size sailing community and the RC community rarely ignores major trends in the full size sailing world forever. In many cases, the ideas prove themselves not to work in models (“Scale doesn’t sail” and all that) but generally some people try it before it is discarded. The fact that Doug has not finished what he started is annoying to all of us (I probably should not have said that because now the firehose will really start spewing).

In many respects I have come to the same place you have regarding Doug. We are all going to be waiting a long time to see any of his projects get on the water and an even longer time to see any of them prove themselves on the racecourse. It seems now that Doug has shifted his focus onto the CK trainer. He claims to be making some progress on those boats, but is also appears that the X3 and the F100 are both on the sidelines. Since the CK trainer is about 30" long, it does not compare well with any recognized class, so we won’t be able to benchmark it with anything (except maybe the Victoria?). I think we will be waiting several years (as will the guys who “ordered” their F100s) before we will see if it is the fastest 1 meter boat on the water. Same appears to be true of the X3.

But at the same time. It is really counterproductive to post stuff like ALDA posted anytime the CBTF buzzword appears in one of Doug’s post. No wonder we can’t seem to pull ourselves out of the sewer. I’m not sure what IanHB said but it must have been along similar lines to get moderator action. So it seemed to me that people wanted to use this thread to bash Doug, CBTF, or whatever. I was attempting to point out that the issues were really seperate. Clearly I failed. I should learn to keep my nose out of other peoples fights.

See ya!

  • Will

Will Gorgen

What an amazing collection of comments…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

<font size=“2”>Will.</font id=“size2”>[:-angel]
In fact my post was not any criticism of DOUG but was in fact, a small tirade aimed at ADLA chastising him for what I considered a totally inappropriate and offensive post.[:-cyclops][:-timebm]
This all happened in the early hours of Sunday morning for the USA with only WIS and myself awake in the world. After posting my defense of DOUG and condemnation of ADLA, WIS made his edit. Upon seeing this I realized my out of character rant would be better left unsaid.[:-taped][:-taped]
<font color=“red”><font size=“2”>I DELETED THE CONTENT BUT LEFT THE SHELL TO INDICATE MY SUPPORT FOR DOUG`S GESTURE.</font id=“size2”></font id=“red”>
You are correct, we do not need snotty nosed newcomers poking sh#t at others on this forum.[:-paperbag] [8][:-dunce]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

I would have to agree with you Ian.

It would appear that some indivduals have once again turned this into an area for more personals attacKs. From what i read all Doug was doing was saying that this technology was now available to everyone so what did he have to gain by advertising this nothing I would say so there is no reason for the attacks.

sort it out!

Hi Greg V et al!
Greg V is back on the Pub. Long time no sea! Very interesting.