HI everybody,
after having developped a maxi-servo some months ago, I’m back, this time, with mini-servo Obviously, something is cooking in the pan !

This is the Micro-servo LS-3.0 from WES - Germany.

and here, is the use I made of, developping the world smallest mini-Winch or mini-windlass :


now that is tiny!

what kind of torque you getting out of it?

Nice one.
I made a crude version with the same size motor and the gear box from one of those tiny 2 inch long r/c cars.obviously I didn’t have a feedback pot so would run continually in both directions,I relied on mechanical stops.
Served me well on a small project.
Would also be interested in more details of this little winch you have made.

For Nigel,

the original servo LS-3.0 has 200gcm, according to WES.
Because of the gear ratio 64/12, the force may increase proportionally but not measured yet.
I will be happy, anyhow, to get some 400gcm, frictions permitting…

For Brett,
here the WES adress : http://www.wes-technik.de/