micro recievers?

looking for a micro receiver on the 75 mhz band… what can i find? [and where?]

found these:




R133F - 3-Channel FM Micro

R143F - 3-Channel FM Micro



forgot the spektrum: not the size of the new one.



cool! thanks nigel. one more question, are there any on AM band?

that i don’t know.
i tried for mostly surface recs.
i know that the two channels are usually am (hard to find micro ones),
the three channel are usually fm, or spektrum, (hard to find am)
and most really micro stuff is for the air, so sometimes they don’t have them in surface frequencies.

In all my racing sailboats I use the Futaba 142JE. This is actually a Mini and weighs .59oz with dimensions of 1.65inx1.10inx0,67in. These cost about $35 US and are available from Fields Hobbies in Buffalo.To my knowledge minis on 75 are real hard to get and we cant use 72. We can use the Spectrum receivers if you have the radio and these are the smallest. Bill.

Tower hobbies sells the Futaba 142JE receiver under its own name. Really! I opened it up once and it had FUTABA on the decoder IC.

The smallest receivers I’ve used so far are the Hitec Shredder, and one from Duratrax. I don’t think those are made any more.

Don’t forget about using a 27MHz radio system too.


I contacted Castle Creations about the micro receiver, to ask if & when they’ll be available on 75 MHz. No reply yet.

75mhz, single band… right!?!:wink: we cheepos who don’t want to trade in our 50 dollar radios would apprietiate some nice receivers too!:sly:

Hi Gang…

Just received my MBP-9G4 75 Mhz micro receiver in the mail today and it looks good… Very small footprint as you can see from the photo and only 6 grams… Plan to use it with a Deans Mini Antenna and my Laser 6 transmitter… Will let you know how it plays when I can do some range checks in a day or two… Priced at $30 US, cheaper than my Bergs and designed for 75 not 72 Mhz… Still plan to try one of my 72 Mhz Bergs on 75 Mhz and see how it plays…


Bruce… :cool:

Are you using special crystals with this receiver? I read that you can use the old single-conversion crystals. And at $25, it’s a real bargain; perfect for Footies. :smiley:

Hey Guys, The GWS Nigel mentioned works only with GWS transmitters. There are a lot of lightweight components on the surface bands to be found on robot websites. Focus on the ant weight classes.

Some of the really lightweight stripped down receivers you’ll find out there require soldering the crystal in place and/or soldering on an expensive deans antennae. Deans antennas also need to be placed vertically above deck. Since most Footy rigs overhang the ends of the boat placement can be problematic.

So, as always, buyer beware.

Is there a discussion or how-to somewhere about making a lighter or smaller size of a regular receiver? In my LaJabess, the sail arm hits the servo wires sticking up from the Rx. Plus some roon for the battery will help too. I was considering using a 9V even.


You can remove the plastic case and replace it with heat shrink tubing. I do this with RC sailplanes to save weight and reduce the size to fit small fuselages. It might gain you a couple of mm, or lose them in this case. Of course with boats there is the risk of the PC board being exposed to water. I have seen a couple of people mention using silicone spray or potting with epoxy to waterproof RX’s, but I would suggest using a spray on coating made for protecting PC boards (avail. fr. DigiKey, Mouser, etc.) or even clear Krylon spray paint. We have used this at work when in a pinch. If you spray coat the board, don’t forget to mask off the pins for the servo connections and the crystal socket (experience is the best teacher here). Where I work we do this regularly to protect circuit boards from humidity/moisture.


I sent off another email to the people at Castle Creations (www.castlecreations.com) to see if they have anything new from the Berg Line of micro receivers. I’d still prefer to use a made receiver of reduced-size than have to cut up or take apart a perfectly good normal-sized one.

Here’s a link to an all purpose Rx:


Kinda overkill for a two channel boat, but changing channels is a snap and if you have a 3 or more channel surface radio there’s room for expansion. The cost is higher though.


Since you specifically asked about the 75mhz band, remember that the Spectrum receivers are 2.4ghz, not 75mhz! Also, Futaba lists a smaller receiver on both 27mhz & 75mhz at: <http://www.futaba-rc.com/radioaccys/futl26.html>.
Scroll down the list 'til you get to sku#R152JE 2 Channel AM Receiver. Unfortunately, it seems non of the equipment manufacturers are making receivers for the 75mhz band (surface use) that are as small as the aircraft-only band radios in use by those flying Micro R/C Aircraft and small park flyers. The smallest LEGAL receivers for surface use will be those from Spektrum on 2.4ghz, and they will require the purchase of a whole system (Tx & Rx). And, their smallest receiver will need to be purchased separately, or in a FULL system that comes with all the servos. Also, beware that their smallest & lightest receiver uses micro connectors, available on their smallest servos, but these connectors may not be available on the SCU of your choice, which will have to be adapted.

Bill Nielsen
Oakland Park, FL USA

That Futaba AM “micro” receiver isn’t that small, with a 2 x 1.5 inches footprint. The FM one is, relatively, much smaller.

Back to the search for a “small” AM receiver…


True, it’s not the smallest, but it will fit in some places where a “Std” won’t, plus it’s a little lighter, and it is an AM 75mhz 2 channel receiver, which was requested. Plus, it’s readily available.

Bill Nielsen
Oakland Park, FL USA

I’ve used the GWS micro narrowband 75mhz FM rx with the GWS tx successfully. Rx is very small and the combination is not at all expensive.