Micro Magic Sails

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a reputable dealer here in the U.S. of sails for my Micro Magic kit. My kit originally came with nuclear yellow sails and I’m looking for white and other color options. Most of the dealers I’ve found seem to have the special ordering of the sails from overseas with a wait time of six weeks and no guarantees for filling the order. Any suggestions…I’m all ears. Thank you, Mark

You could try http://www.isobaryachts.com/

Thanks Martin. I’ve contacted him and he’s beseiged with orders. There has to be more manufacturers here in the states!

You could try Dennis Desprois at:


I beleive he makes good sails fom many classes.:slight_smile:

Thanx Nigel! :slight_smile:

Hi Gang,

    So based upon Nigel's recommendation, I sent off templates to Dennis Desprois' Company Walrus Sails to build my sails for my Micro Magic sloop (the Betty Boop).  He did a bang up job and was fast about it.  I will post a pic of the sail set when possible.  $55 for a set $6 handling.  Obviously he now has the sail form so all you have to do is order.  He was even kind enough to send tips and extra stuff (rubber grommets).  Seeing that I received so many hits from my thread, I wanted to pass on word.  Happy sailing.

                                                                                                        Mark :)

Mark - if you aren’t, I would suggest joining AMYA - there are a lot of supporters of the organization that build sails.

It’s always nice to support those who support us (the organization) - in this case both listed suppliers do - but there are many more. Just an FYI for next time perhaps.

Thanx Dick, I’ll look into it. M :slight_smile: