Micro Magic Sails

Hi folks,

 I'm looking for a reputable dealer here in the U.S. of sails for my Micro Magic kit.  My kit originally came with nuclear yellow sails and I'm looking for white and other color options.  Most of the dealers I've found seem to have the special ordering of the sails from overseas with a wait time of six weeks and no guarantees for filling the order.  Any suggestions...I'm all ears.  Thank you,  Mark

Maybe if you posted in a forum devoted to your boat someone might be able to answer.

This is the footy forum. You may or may not get an answer depending on whether anyone knows or not.

I did read something about the Micro Magic, but almost certainly in one of the other forums.


Thanks Pete. I’m new to this site as you can tell. I appreciate the help. M :slight_smile:

I know Hobby Lobby import the Micro Magic, Pixel… but I don’t know if they carry any spares.


Thanks Graham. Hobby-Lobby will special order the sails from Graupner, but there is no guarantee that order will be filled. Backorders - ughh!

PJK - If you aren’t planning to sail your Micro Magic competitively in one design fleet racing then you should have one of the sailmakers in the AMYA website suppliers section make a set of sails for you. I had Mark Mason make the 36/600 suits that I won the Nationals with a few years ago. He is very good but there a host of other talented guys making sails now. You will probably need to provide a sailmaker with a pattern, the sails that you aren’t happy with would suffice. This is an alternative that will get you on the water more quickly. Good luck with your quest!

If you would like a serious set of MM sails then try “Blackmagick” sail from New Zealand.

Isobar here in US imports the boats - I think ???