metrick magick

I’m a relatively new sailor having bought myself a victoria in Oct 2003. I am keen to get into 1 metre and was offered a “metrick magick”. I can’t seem to find much info on this boat except that the Robbe Windstar is modelled after it.

Has anyone heard of it?

I did a search and found that Chris Dicks took second place with a Metrick Magick in IOM Worlds in 1994. There was another listing with him placing 1st in another Regatta in 1997. Thats all I could find as of yet.

Seawind #80

That’s about all I could find on it too. I have decided to pass on it for now. Much thinking and the fact that my club doesn’t have a class for 1 metres yet, has convinced me to stay with the victoria for the time being.