merry christmas

well xmas time is coming real soon
i thought it might be a great idea if we posted what we wanted for xmas present.
I am asking for a mini lathe. so that i can make my own bulb.
also looking for plans for kite
what do you all need
i wish you all a merry xmas and a happy new year
cougar long live the cup and cris dickson

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well xmas time is coming real soon
I am asking for a mini lathe. so that i can make my own bulb.
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Are you planning to turn the lead - or steel - or wood as a plug to make a mold or ???

Trying to machine lead in any method other than a body file/coarse rasp is difficult in it’s own right, and I would be worried about the chips, particles and excess cuttings and possible health issues. If you do get your wiish - I suggest a very slow rotation, and a light cut using carbide tool bit. Ummm - and now you will want a grinder with diamond wheel to to sharpen the carbide tip, an acetelyene torch so you can re-braze the carbide tip when the lead “grabs” it.

Get an inexpensive wood lath, make a profile template of your bulb, turn from wood, and then use the wood as a plug to make a mold. Use polyester resin and birdshot/light buckshot to cast the bulb. Shaping is still an issue but maybe less hazardous.

For me? - I’m hoping for one of the new WiFi transmitters that eliminate crystals and limited channels.

my multi


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

I’m getting a new sail arm servo for Christmas, and maybe some carbon fibre cloth for building fins and other cunning little components.


I asked for a Stealth, a Cockatoo, and a Ford GT 40. I was a good boy so I am getting all three.

May have to ask for a ticket to come over and go for a ride… let me know if the GT shows up ![:D]

what i want for christmas:
peace on earth and goodwill to all men
a new iom is also welcomed

i would have asked for a muscle car too. but wait i have one
1969 old cutlass 442 with a 454 under the hood and a holley double pumper carb.
too damm big now to run. cost too much.
still want the main lathe for making bulbs
long live the cup and cris dickson

Got the new IOM, a TS3. I could use one of the following to take the boat to the pond:
a 2005 Mustang with the “Bullitt” exhaust system; a 56 T-Bird (portholes, of course); a 64 Vette (with that one piece back window).

Merry Xmas,
A waterproof carbonfiber hula…

<font color=“beige”><font size=“1”>… I want a microsail cbtf F100! They are available now aren’t they??</font id=“size1”></font id=“beige”>

Told Santa to cancel the GT40. I have speed bumps in my condo, at the park where I sail big and model boats, at the mall, I don’t know where I could drive it or store it? Pout! I sold 7 muscle cars and hot rods and 2 motor cycles when I moved to Hawaii.