Megatech Nirvana:fastest monohull in the world?

Just saw the most incredible ad(inside front cover December issue of Radio Control Boat Modeler) for the 32"Nirvana and boy do they say it is fast: “topspeed:15-20knots”. Why some rc multihulls can’t touch speeds like that!
But beware: for the Nirvana that would only be true if pulled by an outboard or powered by a glow engine or driven on the front seat of a car.
This is a small fixed keel model and MIGHT on a really good day do 5-6 knots in a 20MPH wind–and even that is doubtfull.
This is a blatant outright promotional deception designed to hoodwink unsuspecting beginers into purchasing this boat!!!
I’ve heard that the boat may be a good one but the company selling it is using very deceptive advertising and I would be very leery of purchasing a boat from a company that uses such tactics.

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

I agree its alittle shady, but maybe they were thinking in terms of scale speed?!?!? 15-20kts on a 1/10th scale boat means its really moving at 1.5-2.0 kts. I believe displacement hull speed for that length is about 2.05 kts. . . so depending on the scale, if a 1/10 scale boat, thats 20.05 scale kts.


Todd, they were clearly trying to indicate the actual top speed in my opinion; check out the ad when it gets to stores.
One thing about “theoretical hull speed”: used to be said to be 1.34 X square root of the WL length(in feet); that’s been shown to be incorrect in many applications. Beam to length ratio and weight are two of the most important factors; for instance our F100CBTF one meter hull based on the old rule of thumb has a top speed of 2.42 mph but in fact has been shown in computer based simulations to be capable of over 4mph…
Rc multihulls and narrow boats in general can be expected to be able to exceed the 1.34 figure substantially going up to 4 times(and more) the square root of the waterline in some cases.
But no fixed keel 32" boat will even come close to Megatech’s figures. A monohull that might is the microMOTH but only because it would be supported 100% by hydrofoils.

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

My understanding of the Nirvana ad is that it is trying to say that the boat can be sailed in windspeeds up to 15 to 20 knots.

The boat itself was designed by a very well known r/c sailor/designer with a very long and successful track record. It goes from the box to the pond in an afternoon; handles remarkably well for a small boat; and is available with a radio for around $160. There are dozens of them around Central Park these days and it seems a great beginners boat. The fact that Megatech, a major r/c manufactuer, is putting some marketing resources into an r/c sailboat can do nothing but good for r/c sailing. Just this morning in fact I saw that they were able to have the boat included in the FAO Shwartz Catalog.

Finally, though, as to deceptive advertising I support 100% percent the notion that people should be very leery of purchasing a boat from a company that makes deceptive, overblown or unproven claims about their products. Trying to “hoodwink unsuspecting beginers” into purchasing a product (particularly for example if it is unbuilt or unraced) by advertising or other “promotional deception” is behavior that should be condemned.

The ad lists:“Top Speed:15-20knots” under “Specifications” and is clearly deceptive and untrue and is behavior that should be condemned.

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

Can’t really comment on the top speed issue, but I have heard a lot of great things about the boat. I also saw that tower hobbies is going to carry the boat, without radio, for $99. Might be a good deal for those of us with plenty of radio stuff laying around.


Doug,I haven’t seen the ad that you referenced. Acording to the tech notes at Tower Hobbies the upper wind speed for the Nirvana is stated as 15 to 20 knots with a boat speed of 6 kts POSSIBLE. LOOKS LIKE A WINNER! the price is $89.95

Jim, that sounds relatively reasonable. The ad is the SECOND time they used the phrase “Top Speed: 15-20knots” in a magazine ad. First time I thought it MUST be a misprint; second time there is a problem. Thats why I brought it up.
But now that you mention it:
1)- 6 knots would be extraordinary for a 32" keelboat–and is unlikely…
2) If the boat is designed with only one non reefable rig AND is sailable in 15-20knots of wind then it is grossly underpowered in light air!
3) They’d do a lot better just advertising based on price…
Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

CORRECTION! make that $89.99—one heck of a deal!

Doug, You may be correct,But,578 in2 of sail on a 5.5lb boat doesn’t sound too slow! In any event one shouldn’t expect record setting performance from a $90 boat. Bet it catches on and will become a recognized class!

Jim, the price is incredible and the designer is Jon Elmaleh one of the best rc sailors and designers in the US .
From a technical standpoint a 36/600 can be 5.5lbs all up but has 850-875 sq, in. of sail in an “A” rig; sounds the the Nirvana might be optimized for price and higher winds but 15-20–I don’t know.
Has anyone out there sailed a stock Nirvana in accurately measured wind of 15-20?

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

At $90 its really going to put a crimp on the Victoria market. Has anyone seen the sails? I assume they are not great, but are they usable?


I have been an r/c sailor for a short while. I am amazed at this forum on the Megatech Nirvana. How any accomplished sailor as quite a few claim they are can believe that a 32 in ch boat can achieve a speed of 15 to 20 knots is nuts. The Megatech company is claiming the boat will withstand speeds of 15 to 20 knots , not that it will do 15 to 20 knots. Come on guys, use some common sense.

slight correction to above. i meant withstand winds of 15 to 20

The Wind Warrior at 670mm (26inches) does 37 knots unwind in 12 knots of wind*

*(parts of this statement may be complete rubbish, readers are advised discretion)

of course “unwind” was meant to be “upwind” that will teach me for trying to be funny

This is a nice boat. The 15 to 20 knots is the optimal max wind speed. Based on your expertise and sail set, you will get the best speed out of the hull in this range. The boat is not going to go that fast. A cargo ship Captain and member of our club has this boat. For the price, it is hard to beat. The sails are usable. My Victoria is pretty much full custom and does better, but I have a lot more in it. I have been looking to get one for a decent price. The $160 for the RTR or $90 for the boat minus radio sounds good considering I have seen it in hobby shops for up to $260 and the listed retail is $200? Y’all take care now.

The boat is decent and best speed is obtained in 15 to 20 knot winds based on your setup and experience. It is not going to go that fast. A cargo ship Captain in our club has the boat and I have had my hands on it. Nice quality and for $160 full up is it a good buy. My full custom Victoria is faster, but a lot more in it. The sails are usable out of the box. The keel flexs for good stability in gusts. I have seen the boat for $260 in a hobby shop in Texas. Not that I would pay that. The $90 for the boat without the radio sounds good if you want to play with the rigging, sails etc.

I love it when the site tells me the first post was invalid so I repeat myself. Sorry for the duplication.

heard that the electronic… wasnt great…kind of very bad

dont have one…but if the electronic suks…then the nirvana will become more expensive if you need to buy new one


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!