Meanwhile - In The Corner Booth.......

So I am sitting there, having a brew while listenting to the various sailing topics from the booth directly behind me, and someone notes:
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<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”> Doug has been editing many of his posts here on this entire forum. It seems that he has re-written, edited, deleted, and added to many of the posts that the some of us objected to in the first place. <hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”></blockquote id=“quote”></font id=“quote”><hr noshade size=“1”>

Wow - I recall thinking that myself, quite a while ago, and at the time asked if it wasn’t possible to at least indicate “What was changed?” - to which a response was to the negative. Although it later (several times) was indicated the edits were allowed and were going to be used - for “spelling reasons”. I decide to continue to eavesdrop on the conversation at the booth behind me. Another at the booth remarks, “Yeah, I rememebr that topic.”

Two beers later - an alcoholic induced reminder pops up – “Hey ! Wasn’t someone else thouroughly chastised recently by that same individual for ‘removing’ posts, yet it is OK for him to edit (and perhaps remove portions) to change what he originally wrote? What the heck is that all about?” A remark from someone else “Aw, it’s OK for ‘HIM’ to do it - but not the rest of us!”

A suggestion was offered by someone else at the booth, that “maybe we need to start copying and saving the original posts so we can go back later and simply point out the changes that WEREN’T for spelling - but were made to change the original position or view posted.” A few grunted approvals were heard from the group at the booth.

Then - from a nearby table … “Overheard your suggestion, but I don’t think technology exists that would allow that much data to be stored on a hard drive. Keep in mind the number of posts he makes and it’s like herding cats! Good luck if you can do it!”

That comment from the other table seems to bring those in the next booth back to reality, and they simply agree that why waste the time. Let all of the edits stay as they are. Besides, would there be a moderator who would even risk an attack from someone no longer allowed to edit? Maybe there really was a self-analysis by the person making the original posts about half-truths and inuendos. Perhaps he saw in himself what he was criticizing others for doing?

At this point, a cell call reminded me of another appointment - so I was unable to stay to hear the remainder of the conversation. Perhaps others in the booth or at the near table can fill me in at what I might have missed.

I know many of us - myself included - have been chastised for going off topic - but seems nothing is said by administrator or moderator(s) about the constant changing (edits? - Ha!) of posts afterwards which helps contribute to off-topic posts later.

Use aviouslee spended 2 moche times thunkinz abite editizing ins ah bare…
Okey, II wontus editizee thsi poster-

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

… what’s your point Doug?

Gee, so Doug implies that he only edits his posts for spelling and other innocent reasons. Well if that’s true, please point out the “spelling error” in the following. It happened in just the last few days:

On the thread about “wing tip rigs”, I wrote that the “tips” on Doug’s boats were made of solid carbon fiber rod and suggested that in my opinion it wasn’t the best thing to hang on the top of a mast. Doug responded by saying that my statement wasn’t true and that “as usual” I was “100% wrong” . One way to characterize that comment is a personal attack.

When I noted that the basis for my claim was Doug’s own posts in which he talked about how he built and used solid carbon fiber rods on his rigs, low and behold, Doug’s comment about me being “100% wrong” etc. had been edited out and he now stated that some of his boats used hollow tubes and others solid. Of course, no mention was made by Doug of the changes and no apology was tendered to me.

Again, though, if you believe Doug, he only edits his posts to correct minor spelling changes and for other innocent reasons…

And if you believe that, we have a bridge here in Brooklyn that you might be interested in purchasing…

Thats a complete fabrication Roy: the post in question is where I said you were"dead wrong" about the gaff being 100%carbon-never used the words “100% wrong”!! In fact the post where I pointed out that you were “dead wrong” is still there and unedited! I edited a subsequent post to show that the bent back tip(not a gaff) on the 50 was solid carbon(and the rig stil lighter than a conventional rig)-its the details and the facts that gets you everytime Roy-especially when you simply make them up!!!

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

With so many posts every day Doug, its hard to keep track. Of course, If your unedited post was still there, we could all see what was originally said…And you still are stuck with the fact that you claimed that I was “dead wrong” and then added an “update” that show’s that I wasn’t…

And in all events, you sure ain’t editing only for “spelling” …

and in this corner , fighting trunks and wieghing in at a trim 200 lbs doug lord, owner of a sail boat. and in the other corner. the challenger, wearing white trunks.
what are we here? a bunch of children fighting over who said what to whom?
there are many post that doug puts up. and i dont read them.
1 because he is into stuff that does not interest me.
2 the stuff i read is stuff i care about.
this is sounding like everybody is against doug, no matter what he says.