maybe a good idea???

since i am posting this in the pub… no need to harpoon me ok
with all new sailors here does anybody think we need a section where we can post .Plans, ideas, store info, ect

the reason i ask is that If a new sailor came on here… he would have to do some searching… but if there was a section…( going to say ( my own opinon) NZL 32) they wanted to build a iacc120 boat… they saw you tube videos on the class… now looking for drawings… and ideas…
maybe we could get a section for plans… and we put all the drawings there???

or is this a bad idea?

Hi ,
is of course a good idea, but searching in the arguments list of this forum there is a section dedicated to : ‘Design & Plans’.
Personally I have already contributed also with links, but can be widen with by boat classes (are very numerous) or by boat length, like EC12, Class M, IOM, Vintage M, Footy, … or : 30 to 60cm; 60 to 100cm; 100 to 140cm; etc…

I think that this is a good idea, but you could do it more like a contents with hyperlinks. It would then be possible to link to existing threads. If you we’re starting from scratch something more like a wiki site would be great where multiple authors could collaborate to write sections on particular subjects.


In my opinion the best screener is the classification by “dimensions”.
When somebody search for a “plan”, he has already in mind what dimension he would like to have.