May 20th, Wood Lake, near Sheboygan WI

Subject to final confirmation…

Sheboygan Footy Gathering & Regatta
Wood Lake at Kohler near Sheboygan, WI

Sunday May 20th,
Sign in and Measuring 8.30am on
Racing start 10am sharp
Hosted by the
Sheboygan Area Boat Modellers
and ScaleSailing

All boats will comply with the Footy rules as currently published. The CD’s decisions on all matters will be final. All Footys are welcome, AMYA, FCA registration is not required.

Please contact myself via email with your preferred and one reserve frequency (if available) in good time.

The course set will be a typical triangular course reduced somewhat to ‘footy’ size. Racing rules will be applied and we do appreciate that we are all new to Footys so the emphasis will be on having an enjoyable day’s racing.

Wood Lake is an excellent venue with hard standing for set up and racing. The lake is situated behind a high quality strip mall with ample parking. Food is available including an Italian resaurant and a Quizno’s both of which overlook the racing!

Nearby Road America has the spring vintage meeting from friday the same weekend, Angus and I will be there friday won’t we Angus? The Great Lake Michigan is well worth a look too of course, maybe try your footy on ‘the big one’ before you go home :rolleyes:

If the link below works it should take you to Wood Lake in Kohler. Zoom out to find where you are coming from.,-87.781749&sspn=0.017237,0.036736&ie=UTF8&z=15&ll=43.74608,-87.782478&spn=0.008619,0.032444&om=0


We’ll be there!


Anybody else coming - or just us Brits?

I plan to be there. My Footy probably won’t be real competitive, but I think it will be a fun time.

ps; final day of ice sailing last Sunday:

I plan on being there also

Good to hear we will have a few visitors then… is the map working well enough? Where are you coming from Dave?

The event now is ‘confirmed’ having had the ok from my contact at the owners of the property, part of which we will be using.


I am in Rhinelander Wisconsin. Should be a short drive down compaired to transatlantic flights.

Anybody else managed to pursuade their wives, dogs, childrrn etc that hey’re coming?

Oh what a failure. A splendid sounding book on the climate and weather of Wisconsin proves to have one page only about wind!

So much for doing your homework!

Graham, I will try my best to attend your race–hopefully the iscicles will be melted by then. Besides an English gentleman has offered to tilt a few pints with me and as you know a Canadian will go anywhere for a BEER. I will stay in touch—Bill.

Help. Can any of you nice American’s tell me about car hire?

  1. I need a car which will carry two people, one collapsible wheelchair, possibly 1 set whelchair ramps, 2 people’s bags for a fortnight + 3 Footiys packed to go by air. Are small Ametucan --door cars hatchbecks? Is a split rear seat normal. I think the only American designed car I have ever been in was a Lincoln Town Car (that’s a different story) and I was astoished how little room there was in it.

  2. Insurance. Beling slighly cheap-skate I keep getting ‘Supplementary cover’ at $12 a day, which gives ‘additional’ 3-rd party cover 'up to# $ 1,000,000. Since the European minimum for PROPERTYis $40,000,000 and for persoal injury is infinite, this makes me a little unhappy. Is this a scam or what?

Advice please

Angus, you might request a PT Cruiser, it’s a hatch/ station wagon, lots of rental companies have them, economy car price and I think it would work. I think it’s a curent current model so you could go on the Chrysler US website and research it. I drive a Honda Fit (Jazz) and can even fit in my EC12 and rig, but I don’t think anyone rents them. Paul.

Chevy HHK seems a common rental these days, and I think it would meet your needs.

Bill H

Planning on getting this wet before the 20th…

Beware gentle sailor. Cover your ears lest you hear the sweet Siren song…

As this is a ‘regatta’ rather than a series of ‘time trials’ we do need to be sailing the fleet all together. To do this we need to have everyone on a different frequency. Common practice is for skippers to nominate a preferred frequency and have one or two reserve frequencies (crystals) available so that we can avoid any clashes. We don’t want anyone to miss sailing because of a frequency clash.

Please PM or email me with your band (27mHz or 75mHz) and frequency number/channel number + any reserve frequencies you can switch to.

Please respond if you will be coming along, this is important.

Thank you,

Crikey… is it May already!

Trophys are under construction, my wife Jan works in stained glass and has designed a rather set for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. The engraved plaques are in hand to suit.

Lovely weather here the last few weeks, 82F on sunday at our morning sailing session. Wood Lake is looking wonderful and has just been treated so the floating weed that started to appear last weekend has already gone. If the wind and weather behaves we will have a wonderful day ready for you all.


British contingent packing. BUG3 works, Akela undergoing sailing trials this afternoon. All electronics US legal. Beginning to adjust bodily water content to avoid having to go for a leak on the plane. Studious, plaintive, WASP look being practiced for US Immigration. Anti-sense of humour pills on hand! Irony switch set to OFF.

Make sure that irony switch is set to ‘off and locked’ Angus.

Full dress rehearsal at Wood Lake this morning saw four footys racing the course we have planned. Not too big but not so small that the far mark is not a challenge. Nasty flukey S. wind again but we ran a couple of two lap races so even these conditions are useable, if unpredictable.

Our plan is to run 4 races back to back starting at 10am, take an hour lunch then follow with another 4 or more if time permits. That will depend on races durations of course, aiming to finish mid afternoon.

Good sub sandwiches just 25 yards away, supermarket too within the mall. We encourage you to support the shops if you can.

Footy 10, 64, 65

Aerial / antenna end protectors will be required, I have spare practice golf balls for anyone who is without.


A few photos from yesterday to whet the appetite…