Match racing

I am running a fairly informal match racing regatta this coming weekend over 3 afternoons,entries could vary over the 3 days.(they are full size sailors and this is post race entertainment)
I am not sure that using full round robin type system will work as some guys may not sail all days etc…any advice as to a sutible format for the races?
Thanks guys

Can you assign points based on races won/lost/attempted - and then simply invite the two top skippers back when they can mutually make it? This would allow points for a win 1 point, a loss 2 points, and a DNS, DSQ, etc. at 3 points. Two lowest scores gets them to finals and sail off. Requires that each “slow” sailor gets beaten three times before being out.You could also weigh the results by the performances of skippers they managed to beat. If a skipper beats a slow competitor who has been beaten by others - points value for winning is low, while if equal win/loss or just a few losses, beating this same guy would provide a higher points for winning. This provides incentive for top skipper to keep beating guy just below him in standings to accumulate more points.Say Skipper A and Skipper B both have beaten Skipper Z - but Z has beaten B once during preliminaries - thus A would rank higher than B in final standings… get’s a bit convoluted trying to track who beat whom, and it can’t be used for a single elimination event. Each skipper has to race other skippers at least 3 time to make this work.

Brett, I may be able to help you here.:lol:
You need a two minute start sequence disc or tape.
Both boats on the water, to windward of the start line and outside the two start marks. At 1.30 both boats enter the start area by crossing the line from the windward side. Both should be in the start box by 1min .
If one boat has not entered, they are penalised one 270 degree turn after the start.
Penaltys are a 270 degree turn. You can carry a penalty and if your compeditor is also awarded one they cancel each other out.
All marks to Starboard.
For our club series we award 3 for a win, 1 for a loss, 0 for DNS.
An idea of mine to allow a little more flexability is what I call the “Golf card system”.
Each compeditor is given a card with their own details on it. It is up to them to arrange matches with the other compeditors as and when they are available, then each compeditor fills in their own score card at the end of each match in colabaration with their opponent.
This works well when there are few or no officials.
If you have any questions phone me on (04) 479-4111.:sly:

Thanks guys.
I have had an idea which may work out.
Basically like playing pool at the pub.
You keep racing guys until you are beaten…ie king of the table.
However you can only race 4 times in a row.
The skippers sign their name onto a sheet and sail in that order.after you have been beaten you may go and put your name on the bottom of the list again so you can keep racing…or not. you collect 2 points for winning a race and 1 point for losing.3 points are awarded for your 4th win in a row after which you retire until your turn again.This way those who are actually making the efffort to race are collected points,even when they lose.
With this method anyone can race once or as many times as they can in the time period and skippers coming and going have little effect on the results.
The racing period will be kept to 3 hrs and no races will start after that time each day.
There will be an umpire watching and infringments called.If the skippers don’t react then the umpire will rule…no protests redress etc of any kind,ie Umpires decesion is final.
On the final day the top four skippers will race a proper round robin and final series.
What do you all reckon???

I guess you’ll also need this:


Match racing With model yachts??

I have never seen to boats “matched” closely enough to do any match racing. Even in my club, where we had me and two other guys consistantly winning the heats, when we get to the one-on-one, it wasn’t so close.

Tomo - in one design racing sucj as EC12’s we (down here anyway) see big differnces in performance of skippers between fleet and match racing.

If the skipper is particularly agreesive and knowledgable on the rules they can virtually win a race prior to the start bell with a “slower” boat.

I have seen this many times in this class.

The key to match racing is - know your rules inside out :graduate:

I have never seen to boats “matched” closely enough to do any match racing.
not wishing to anger the site officals :boxing:
the nautic 12 is designed with match racing in mind,should be promoted more often you certainly learn the rules fast.Fleet racing we finish within a couple of meters of each other,match racing we some times need a photo finish to decide the winner.Mind this comes after lots of prep,if one boat is not performing,
we place all boats on the bank and check settings no secrets between skips we like close racing,not a parade.

Too bad over here some people don’t even build their own boats, so they guy with more $$$ gets the better boat.

swap boats each race,thats what we do…

Hello -
Where, when and what boats are you match racing?

Been and gone.
I have some indentical boats on loan from Yachting New Zealand."Funfellows"I think they are called, 1040mm Una rig one design yachts.

i believe they where built by Steve from nsrys
take plenty of battieres

Yes Rusty,About 1 hr per boat we are finding.
Been sailing these boats for a few weeks.The good thing is my son has finally taken to sailing with these yachts.
Sailed in around 20 knots last saturday and Sunday,they handle well.