Match Racing RG65's

after reading just about every post in RG65 forum over the last month or so I thought I best show my face.

I’ve started an RG65 build, i haven’t been particular diligent with the camera but this is were i’m upto…

its the laerke 65 design, seems like a lot of people pick it for a first go?! weight for hull and deck is about 280grams so far, a little porky but least it feels solid. i’ve got a 500gram bulb on order so aiming for 1kg all up weight.

I’ve had a go at making an adjustable arm for the sail servo, should give me a some latitude if my "back of napkin geometry’ is out!

I’m building said boat for an upcoming family americas cup match with my dad, he’s building one as well (he’s gone for the racing sparrow rg65) I got him a trophy for christmas (it isn’t as grand as the auld mug!:slight_smile: ) but told him he has to win it off me :slight_smile:

wish me luck fellas

ps I’m already considering building a narrower hull having read up on these matters, and lighter, i think I can build much lighter. will have to keep these developments under wraps in true americas cup style though :wink:


progress is slow, as always its the making of the bits other than the hull that take the time :slight_smile:

i’m happy with the fin trunk, first moulded part i’ve made, will have to make a hull next.

tonight i’m trying to pluck up the courage to drill holes in the hull for the fin slot… measure 300 times drill once is my plan. Then i need to construct an over elaborate jig to line the fin up before the trunk is glued in place. i have an old chair frame, spirit levels, plumb bobs, string, set squares, tape, and strong glue. wish me luck :slight_smile:

looks nice…

measure, drill small holes fore and aft slightly smaller than your overall dimension… that way you have some wiggle room as you shape.
fore and aft off a bit not as big of a problem sinc eyou can move/cant the rig to compensate being off center port/starboard…thats a bigger problem, and having the rudder and keel not lined up is also important…

on of the tricks is to use the clamps and some boards and clamp the fin and rudder together and the appropriate distance apart this way they are in the same plane…

cheers for the tip marc, got a couple of lengths of aluminium that will work perfect for lining things up in the same plane, awesome idea. i’ve also decided to simplify the deck having done some further research. its all good fun and the lake i intend to sail at is frozen over at the moment so no need to rush!

take a look at post #51. took some pics of my current build for the texas trip…

great work with the carbon Albacore, i’ve been studying it carefully! not only am i hoping to start working with a bit more carbon I’ve also got a real soft spot for the full size Albacore. I sailed a beautiful veneer Albacore many years go at the Eskimo Pursuit race at blackpool and fleetwood yacht club. We didn’t do very well but i was too busy drooling over the woodwork to care!

used to race an albacore here in DC for a few years until I blew out my back… I was able to get the hull numbers from Peter duncan and barney Harris and put it in delftship so I could get plans scaled down… the wooden albacores are still activily sailed and often quite competitive with the newer glass boats… heck for 11 grand you can have a brand new albcore… :slight_smile:

opps I got a bit distracted there, new job, painting rooms instead of boats bla bla bla.

Recommenced work on my RG-65 at the weekend, rig made from cut down IOM sails (i’m sorry Mr Housemartin, I butchered your sails)

Still faffing around with waggly radio bits, more gluing this weekend, need to commit and glue the bloody fin in. hoping to float it in a couple of weeks :slight_smile: