Match racing Idea

With an effort to try to get more people sailing in my area my thoughts are this, let me know what your thoughts are:
I have two IOM’s, they seem to be very similar in speed, I am going to invite some local sailor who might be interested (all dingy racers) set up a start line and windward mark, then have around robin match racing with people switching boats between racing. My thought are if these guys see how much fun it is they might be interested in making a some boats.


Oh, best of all I would reserect an old sailing trophy and give it as a annual trophy, then go to the pub up the street for beer.

Hi Andrew

I like the idea of match racing and developed a system back in the 70’s for ranking skippers on a World Wide basis. The system not only ranks sailing skills, but can be used as a basis for handicapped sailing giving everyone a more equal chance at a trophy.

It could be used by boats of all classes with subset rankings in individual classes from ocean racing to dingy racing to model boats. Imagine, a single list showing a WW Ranking like they do for Chess.

Send me an email address and we can discuss details. My address is listed on the AMYA site under Florida clubs, TnglewoodMYC in Sebring.

Andrew, that is a great idea. Putting the radio in the hands of big boat sailors can yield results.

There are some changes to the rules for match racing. Sail the course ‘bouys to stbd’. Also I suggest that you read the match racing appendix to the racing rules.

And you will be amazed at how much you learn from the other sailors.

You should get a copy of the AMYA starting tape and burn it on to an MP3 player or a CD (if you have a battery operated boombox - this is what I use). Let me know if you need the files.

a win-win.

Good luck


John, that would be great if you could forward those files. I would agree with you when you learn from other sailors. What I am also looking for is a round robin flow chart of some kind. What is the timing length? 2min?


we tried a new thing at my club. and i think it worked out realy nice.
we sat around drinking ( funny how that happens , when we get a good idea)
we were watching the olympics and was thinking about the 4x100 race. and thought…" hey this is an idea" why not have 2 or 3 boats. but have 4 sailors to each boat. there would be no advantage but everybody would be equal

each sailor has to sail 1 leg. and what happen was that we had to add our spouses. what we got after was a surprise. a couple of people wanted to know where to get boats. they had fun. i thought it may have been the beer talking. but i know 2 who have started building IOM and 1 is building a 3r
good luck with you idea. i like that one too


I like the “relay” race it would be a neat “team event” and you could alternate teams with blind draws or a random matrix…

this idea . all became of people not even knowing how to sail . or how to get a boat. would they like it. but this way. they get to sail for free. and they get to have fun.

all this from case of CANADIAN BEER. that that yankee stuff ( hi dick LOL):zbeer:

It gives people stick time and gives them the “wow this is cool” factor. Which gets more people interested and building…Hopefully.

Isn’t it amazing what beer can do…

It’s also amazing how many people “under the influence” are ready to go home and build - until they sober up! :wink:

Lot’s of good intensions disappear when the alcohol leaves the system. Of course, if you could have a plastic kit boat already built and that was the one they sailed, perhaps you could induce them to write out a check on the spot - before someone else decided to buy that sleek and fast yacht ! :smiley:

By the way Cougar - I have been know to trip back to Michigan or convince a nephew to bring out some of that Canadian beer every once in a while. Unfortunately “BAD FROG” went out of business - I think ? Damn 3.2 stuff out here - geeze, I gotta go to Wisconsin to get some of the “better” stuff. :mad: