Mastered the Ausie II, what next?

I’ve recently got into rc sailing with the Aussie II. I think I am ready to take it to the next step. Any thoughts on what would be a best “next step” boat?


Gee that is a tough question.

First thing is what are others sailing in your area??? If there is a number of other boats there see if the owners will let you try one of theirs. or go with something you like the looks of that others are sailing locally.

Then again if your in the same boat as here only 4 boats are used… well not used as they are still under constrution and the darn ponds are still frozen oh yeah all four are Victorias. (New club started) but of the 8 people intereseted three of us are planning on building US1M to sail also. IOM’s may be the 2004 winter projects .


I think the Aussie II is not easy, unless you have very light winds. Then it seems do do very well. This was my first boat too. I’m still trying to get the main& jib to fly flatter. There’s no vang on the mainboom & the jib attaches to the deck at the tack, so there’s nothing to keep the clews from lifting. :frowning:

Anybody got any succes with some good rigging & sails?

i do. i love that boat? it was not my first. but i have sailed it in all conditoins. light and heavy winds. to fix the main. the kit comes with a very poor rope vang. the fix on this . is real simple , use a piace of freaded rod. attach a clevice to the rod . and snap it unto the screw eye. (on the main boom). the put a bend on the wire, to that that the boom can swing. and attach that to the mast. i have used that boom vang for now 3 years. it works great. i agree the sails need work. i would suggest making a bigger backstay crane. My stay. rubs on the back of my main. The jib nees a forestay wire. and you can easily put that on. i did . and the boat picked up on perforemance.My wife and i love the kit. she says i can not sell it , and when i race. i use my iom. but when i just need to go out and have fun. UASSIE II rules. i have never had a problem giving my boat to a kid who was 6. and he made it do . EVERYTHING he wanted. with out me coaching him . i would love. to get feed back form poeple on this boat. if you look at my clubs webpage. there is a IOM and AUSSIE II on the front

It would be nice to see a pic of your main vang. About the masthead crane-- it’s supposed to look scale, like the big boat, so it ends up not working right on the model. O-L… I’ll have to work up something for the jibstay.

you sank star and stripes? wow you are special:-)
i have never even had water in side my hull. and i sail on the great lakes. so knock on wood. if gregs ship can sink. so can ours. maybe foam aint such a bad idea?
i would still put some type of wtc in your boat. if it is your first
greg and i kid each other all the time. but he know i wuv em.
only if he keep posted those great videos.
but greg
next time you vidoe your boat. no beer drinking. the last video . you were drunk. you were lying on your side? lol

I get a little water in mine because I took oout the flag (drain plug) from the transome, so there’s a smale hole there now. I’ll think up something to put in there.

Otherwise, you just smear vaseline on the hatch seal & things are good! Your friend musta had a bad seal ( or no seal) on the hatch. :frowning:

BTW, did you upgrade your “sail servo” in there? I put in a digital standard size- despite the salesman’s warning that I’ll melt the hull!