Mast for a marblehead

I have just aquired a Marblehead, but it has no rigs. Can anyone recommend what type of rigs I should get. I want to go with carbon, but don’t really know which ones are best. Also any comments on swing rigs versus conventional.

you should first be familiar with the Class Rules where the size data are defined including the sail surface. see :
Someone suggest that the conventional rig is more efficient while the swing rig is simple and easy to use.
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hi martyn
i have two marbleheads one has conventional rigs the onther with swing rigs i find the swing to be more efficient than conv as the rig can be displayed to the wind while going downwind e’g it don’t have to butterfly the jib but saying that a swing that is jamming in the tube doe’snt swing properly so than makes it slower as it wont swing out when needed personaly i will not be going back to conv in a hurry i like my swings

I have no experiance with swing rigs, as I currently sail a Seawind and my main background is in full size sailing. With this in mind are swing rigs the way to go or would it be easier to stick with what I know?

Martyn -

may I suggest you email Bob Sterne. He has a boat building business in Canada and does an excellent job of providing both type of rigs. He has done some custom work for the F-48/Mini40 multihulls (they use the rig for an “M”) - and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering one of these big and tall rigs. My guess is that he could answer your technical questions or concerns.

His email is: [i][u]

[/u][/i][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2]I know he has his business up for sale, but my guess is he will be able to make suggestions. Another person who is a reader and sometime poster here is Roy Langbord who competes in the “M” Class and can also add to the discussion. I believe he is pretty well versed and up to date on what is going on here in the US relative to that class and has views and observations of both types of rigs. Perhaps he can also share some knowledge.[/SIZE][/FONT]