Marvwllous Marbleheads

hi people
now . I am going to break 1 of my own rules here. i dont normaly plug another company or. say “hey you got to get this” but i will say this . If you dont know anything about marblehead yacths. I suggest you get the video “Marvellous Marbleheads”. you can get this from traplet. and i have watched it 3 of 4 times already. they show you first a race. and tell you what is going on. then they talk to certian people then they show you some tricks, the next video show 45 minutes of actaul sailing. all different types. I dont know alot about marblehead. but i feel after watching it. i could atleast sit down and understand what people are saying. after watching this video. i now know . i want one… the dvd . is well worth it:zbeer: