Marine Modelling International

Today I purchased the June 2009 edition of the UK magazine ‘Marine Modelling International’; for the second time in just a few months there is page space for news on the multihull scene, which seems pretty good for a mainstream magazine.

It might, perhaps, be mandatory reading for all forum members as, within the multihull item, there is mention of one Dick Lemke and his exploits…


:blush: :blush: :blush:

D’oh … Chris (Jackson) was so very kind to send me a copy of the article. Was awfully nice of him to do the article, based on some “scribblings” I did about the U.S. multihull scene.

A very public THANK YOU to Chris.

And it is encouraging to once again see activity and interest in multihulls. Seems there always was an interest, but a noticeable lack of “building” left a few who would be serious, by the way side. As I noted in my article comments, dealing with the size of the U.S. and travel issues, it will take a very dedicated group of builders to bring about any repetitive racing/regattas here on a someewhat regular basis.

There have been a lot of “false starts” and a few who thought they could build to order. Unfortunately, most prospective buyers want their satisfaction right now - not a few months from now, so I am watching what Siri is planning to do, and I also hope the new class effort for multihulls at 65 cm (25-1/2 inches) will be the introductory gateway to the 1.2 and the 2 meter boats.

I guess I will have to get the old 1 Meter trimaran out, dust off the cobwebs, and get her back on the water for at least a few photos - and perhaps enough photos willl generate that spark that is needed to make multihulls a common participant in national r/c regattas, classes and clubs.

Cheers to all who are ( or have built) :zbeer: